16th and 17th Centuries

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16th and 17th Centuries Trivia QuestionAnswer
What city did Khey Ad Din Barbarossa take from teh Moors in 1534?Tunis
Where in the Americas were African slaves first brought?Cuba
The failed Spanish colony of Ajacan Mission is in what present day state?Virginia
Whose works were published in a collected eidition for the first time in 1532?Geoffrey Chaucer
Who lost the 1697 Battle of Zenta?Ottoman Empire
What year was the Spanish cology of St. Augustine founded?1565
What killed over 2000 people in Piuro, Italy in 1618?An avalanche
What state commissioned Giovanni de Verrazzano's exploration of the North American coast?France
How many California missions were founded by the Spanish i the 17th century?0
In 1638, a raid by Pequot Indians killed 600 people in what colony?Massachusetts Bay
Who was beheaded in 1649?Charles I
What Indian city was founded in 1690 as a Dutch East India Company post?Calcutta
Who appointed Cardinal Richelieu his First Minister?Louis XIII
What short-lived English colony was established in Maine in 1607?Popham Colony
What sect of Islam became the Persian state religion in 1502?Shi'ism
In 1604, James I and the Puritans held what talks?Hampton Court
What is the alternative name for the Dutch War of Independence?Eighty Years' War
In Japan, the shogun Tokugawa leyasu outlawed what in 1614?Christianity
What occurred 1645-1715?Maunder Minimum
For what charge did the French burn priest Urbain Grandier alive in 1634?Sorcery
What 1682 law standardized use of the Book of Common Prayer in English and Wales?Act of Uniformity

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