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Africa Geography Trivia QuestionAnswer
The Ugandan flag has black, yellow and what color stripes?Red
Which of these country does not border Sudan?Tanzania
What lake feeds the White Nile?Victoria
Which explorer was the first to reach the Cape of Good Hope?Bartholomew Diaz
What country seperates Ghana and Benin?Togo
What strait seperates Djibouti and Yemen?Bab el Mandab
What bay is to the east of Cape Town?Flase Bay
What's the former name of the African country of Guinea-Bissau?Portuguese Guinea
What Tunisian city is dominated by the second largest standing Roman coliseum?El Djem
Which country was never a colony, but was occupied by Italy before an during World War II?Ethiopia
Where is the Benquela region?Angola
What country still owns the Gibraltar outpost?United Kingdom
Which of these creatures is native to Africa?Hippopotamus
Which "K" is the highest peak in Africa?Kilimanjaro
Which of these is a range of mountains in North Africa?Atlas Mountains
Whihc of these is an African city, NOT a country?Cairo
Where are Livingstone and Boyoma Waterfalls, the highest volume in Africa?Democratic Republic of Congo
What country seperates Mali and Ghana?Burkina Faso
What desert in found in southern Botswana?Kalahari
What is the northernmost point of Africa?Iles des Chiens, Tunisia
Which of these countries does NOT border Libya?Morocco

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