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Ancient Greece Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who was elected Archon Eponymous in 594?Solon
The Parthenon was built as a temple for whom?Athena
Which of these did Greek gods consume to ensure youth and immortality?Nectar
The Delian League was founded in Athens as protection against which people?Persians
"The Republic" is the best known work of which philosopher?Plato
How as Alexander III of Macedon more commonly known?Alexander the Great
Menippus, born in Syria 3rd century BC belonged to which school of philosophy?Cynics
Archimedes in noted for running around the streets and screaming what?Eureka!
If the Norse version is Freya, which Goddess is the Greek version?Aphrodite
What was the "Sarissa" in Ancient Greece?Macedonian Spear
The Trojan War is famous for a hollow sculpture of what animal?Horse
Which of these is the earliest known Greek Colony?Naxos
Who was the Greek God of Woods and Fields?Pan
Which of these was the name of ancient Greek soldiers?Hoplites
In what year with the famous Battle of Marathon occur?490 BC
Which of these is the name of the food of ancient Greek gods?Ambrosia
Which Wonder of the Ancient World stood for only 50 years before being destroyed by an earthquake in 282 BC?The Colossus of Rhodes
The Golden Age of Athens is also known as the Age of who?Pericles
Which of these is NOT one of the unities Aristotle mentioned in connection with Drama?Character
Poseidon was the Greek god of what?Sea


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