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Emperors Decius and Diocletian led the worst Roman persecutions of these people, in the third and fourth centuries. Who?Christians
Which city did Nebuchadrezzar II become famous for destroying in approximately 588 BC?Jerusalem
Who divorced Pompeia, when she became involved in a scandal over violating the mysteries of the Bona Dea, over which she presided?Julius Caesar
Which of these cultures was conquered by Pizarro?Incan
The second of the "Five Good Emperors" led the Roman empire to its maximum territorial extent. Which one?Trajan
This was one of the two ancient Roman magistrates ranking below consul. Sometimes the commanded armies. Who?Praetor
Where was Queen Boadicea when she rebelled against Rome?Britain
Herodotus is known as the father of what?History
What empire had a Roman-era revival under the Parthians and Sassanids, based in a new capital at Ctesiphon?Persia
In a Greek palace, what was a megaron?A central hall
What would a Celt have done with a torc?Worn it around the neck
The five emperors from Nerva to Marcus Aurelius are known to historians by what name?Five Good Emperors
In Julius Caesar's last battle, where did he defeat Pompey's two sons?Spain
Famous for the British wall named for him, who was the first bearded emperor of Rome?Hadrian
In what month did the Romans celebrate their new year?March
Which of these buildings was built first?Temple of Luxor (in Thebes)
Joseph ben Matthias became Flavius Josephus when he switched sides and joined the Romans, against what countrymen of his?Jews
Greek sculptures and Assyrian stone bulls guarded doorways with Egyptian lintels in what Persian city?Persepolis
What Egyptian wonder of the world was the last of the six disappeared wonders to actually disappear?Lighthouse
Aubrey holes, which contain ancient human remains, are named for John Aubrey, who found them. Where?Stonehenge
Who was the famous daughter of Ptolemy XII Auletes?Cleopatra
He nearly toppled the Roman Empire, and might well have if he hadn’t lost the Battle of Zama. Who was he?Hannibal
Where was the Roman city of Eryx?Sicily
Who was the famous daughter of Ptolemy XII Auletes?Cleopatra
When cave paintings were found in Altamira, experts refused to believe that cavemen could even make art. Where is Altamira?Spain
Who was the only Egyptian Pharaoh known to be killed in battle?Taa II
Troy was named for Tros, and his son gave the city what other name?Ilium
Even though Aztec women could not be soldiers, what could they train to be?Priestesses
In what modern country would you find the ruins of TroyTurkey
Named for the Babylonian goddess of war and civilization, what gate was discovered by Robert Koldewey in 1902 and moved to Berlin?Ishtar Gate
When did the Peloponnesian war begin?431 BC
Who rode a horse named Bucephalus, for whom he named the city of Bucephala?Alexander the Great
Venerated as a god of wisdom what Egyptian pyramid builder was the first known engineer?Imhotep
Naturally enough, Julius Caesar was born in what month, once called Quintilis?July
Which written symbol made its earliest known appearance in India in 876 BC?Zero
After winning the Battle of Hydaspes in 326 BCE. Alexander the Great was set to take over what part of the world?India
What Babylonian people established an empire of their own, from 626 BCE to 539 BCE, after overthrowing the Assyrians?Chaldeans
Marcus Aemilius Lepidus had been whose second in command, before becoming part of the second Triumvirate?Julius Caesar
The Greek genius Pythagoras studied in which foreign land for 23 years?Egypt
In 47 BC, who “came, saw and conquered” King Pharnaces of Bosporus, in what is now Turkey?Julius Caesar
The Flavian Amphitheatre was nicknamed the Colosseum for a colossus which once stood next door. Whose colossus?Nero
What Egyptian Queen took power and named herself Pharaoh?Hatshepsut
About 3500 years ago, the Hittites had their capital at Hattusa, east of what present-day world capital?Ankara
Where were the Great Pyramids of Cheops built in 2900 BC?Giza
What would you commonly find in a Canopic jar?A mummy’s internal organs
What percentage of the city of Rome burned during the Nero-era fire?70
What Roman writer’s Institutio Oratoria gives a complete account of a Roman citizen’s education?Quintilian
Who is said to have adopted the broken-tusked Surus, the only elephant still alive after the Battle of Trebia?Hannibal
What city’s main gate, Processional Way, ran through Ishtar Gate, which was famous for its blue glazed brick?Babylon
Which region or state’s name comes from the Greek words for “Land between the Rivers”?Mesopotamia
The son of Philip II, Alexander set out on a career of conquering from what kingdom?Macedonia
Since nobody knows where it was, which of these Seven Wonders of the Ancient World may never have existed at all?Hanging Gardens
Which city was founded on the Palatine hill?Rome
What famed military commander was defeated at the Battle of Salamis?Xerxes
What was the Chinese capital in the Shang era?Yin
In what year did William the Conqueror invade England?1066
In what present-day country are the ruins of the Classical Mayan city of Uxmal?Mexico
Moses is thought to have made his Exodus in about 1250 BC. Who, then, was the pharaoh who refused to let his people go?Ramses II
Present-day Pakistan’s Harappan culture was the first to make cloth from what?Cotton
In 1500-1200 BC, the first of the four Vedic texts was written in Sanskrit. What is it?Rig Veda
Whose capital was at Hattusa?The Hittites
Charlemagne was crowned Emperor of the Romans on Christmas day of what year?800
Who was Spartacus?Runaway gladiator
Who divorced Pompeia, when she became involved in a scandal over violating the mysteries of the Bona Dea, over which she presided?Julius Caesar
Which of these cultures was conquered by Pizarro?Incan
Nefertiti was a famous Egyptian queen. Who was here famous husband?Amenhotep IV
What wife of Akhenaton may actually have been an Asian princess from Syria?Nefertiti
The Abu Simbel temple is designed so that, twice a year, the sun shines directly on a statue of Ramses. Where is it?Egypt
Hercules is credited with founding Herculaneum, but what eventually happened to it?Destroyed by Mount Vesuvius
Which architect designed the step pyramid in Memphis, Egypt, and was later worshipped as the god of medicine?Imhotep
What “Egyptian Napoleon” built and Egyptian empire during its New Kingdom?Thutmoses III
What Roman emperor was the great-grandson of both Octavian Augustus and his archrival Marc Antony?Nero
Alexander the Great died of fever in Babylon in what year?323 B.C.
Name the island at the first cataract of the Nile that was the site of a major Egyptian trading post.Elephantine
Which of these was one of the 4 good emperors?Trajan
When was the city of Carthage founded?814 BC
What country experienced widespread looting of archaeological sites at Nineveh, Nimrud, Nippur and Babylon in the early OOs?Iraq
We think of the Inca as a people. But who or what did those people actually call “Inca”?Their emperor
Jeopardy writher Kathy Easterling was known for writing questions about which “darn” people from the area around Florence?Etruscans
If you know your Latin, this one should be easy. Which month used to be the tenth month of the Roman calendar?December
Covered by a foot of ash, Bab edh-Dhra and Numeirah are thought to have inspired Sodom and Gomorrah. What country are they in?Jordan
In 41 BC, whom did Mark Antony name as tetrarch of Galilee?Herod I
When the Bronze Age started, humans began making tools out of metal. When did that age start?7000 years ago
The league of Corinth is the modern term for what ancient federation of Greek states created by Philip II of Macedon?Hellenic League
Where does evidence of the wheel date to 3000 BC?Sumeria
The Egyptian viceroy gave one to the British in 1819. The Egyptian khedive gave the other to America in 1881. What are they?Cleopatra’s Needles
What “curse” has been explained as possibly being the mold found on some mummies?Tut
In 323 BC, Alexander the Great died mysteriously in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar II. Where?Babylon
Now properly known as Pithecanthropus erectus, Java Man was first found on an island of the same name in what country?Indonesia
The Achaeans lived on northern coast of the Peloponnesus Peninsula in what present-day country?Greece
How many days were there in one week in ancient Roman times?8
What ancient people developed the war galley, which combined sails and banks of oars to gain extra speed?Phoenicians
Where was Pompeii?At the base of Mount Vesuvius
When was the Classic Maya Collapse?8 th and 9 th Centuries AD
Which wonder of the World was a 120-foot-tall bronze statue of the sun god Helios?Colossus of Rhodes
Which of these buildings was built first?Temple of Luxor (in Thebes)
Julius Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March on which year?March 15, 44 B.C.
For how many years did the Ancient Greeks hold their Olympic Games?1200 years
As Thomas Macaulay’s poem describes, where did Roman hero Horatius Cocles make his legendary stand against the Etruscans?On a wooden bridge
How were Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger related?Uncle and nephew
Of which region’s civilization was the city of Ur a part?Mesopotamia
The Greeks said the Lydians were the first to mint coins, which made what ruler of theirs fabulously rich?Croesus
What present-day country did Hamilcar conquer for Carthage, giving his son Hannibal an invasion route to Rome?Spain
Cleopatra used her title of Queen of Egypt as a diplomatic weapon in dealing with Rome. Which Roman emperor did she marry?She never did that
When did King Tutankhamen reign?14 th Century BC
In what month did the Romans celebrate their new year?March
Cleistenes is credited with being the first person to introduce democracy, in 508 BC, when he gained power in what city?Athens
What Phoenician city, now part of Lebanon, was one of the busiest ports in the ancient world?Tyre
The Greek genius Pythagoras studied in which foreign land for 23 years?Egypt
In 27 BC, who became the first emperor of Rome, at which time the Senate gave a new name meaning “consecrated”?Augustus
The Caesars may have taken their name from the Latin verb “caedere.” What does “caedere” mean?To cut
What Israeli capital fell to the Assyrians in 722-21 BC?Samaria
What annual ancient Greek festival included a dramatic competition?Lenaia
The Phoenicians are credited with inventing glassblowing and the first modern alphabet. Where, for the most part, did they live?Lebanon
What patron of the poets Ovid, Horace and Virgil boasted that he “had found Rome brick and left it marble”?Augustus
Theodora and her emperor husband are Orthodox saints. Who was he?Justinian
The Bible says that Nebuchadnezzar II was Babylonian, but archaeologists are a little more specific, giving him what nationality?Chaldean
The ancient Dorians dominated the Peloponnesian peninsula, in particular what city?Sparta
What people in present-day Turkey are famed for the kings Midas and Gorgias?Phrygian
Typically, how many men did a Roman centurion command?About 100
Tarquinus Superbus wasn’t a really great bus from Tarquin. Who was he?Rome’s last king
Who was the wife of Alexander the Great?Roxana
Diana was the Roman goddess of what?Hunting
In ancient Rome, clepsydras worked by using either the sun or water. What were they for?Telling time
What Roman emperor closed Plato’s Academy and built the Hagia SophiaJustinian
Born in 356 BC, what conqueror died of fever in 323 BCAlexander the Great
I ordered Cassius Charea to fight Neptune at the English Channel, which might be why Cassius eventually killed me. Who am I?Caligula
Which of the following was NOT a Classical-era Mayan city?Tenochtitlan
Seti I was the father of which Egyptian?Ramesses II
The Arabs call this place Wadi al Muluk. We know it for all the pharaohs secretly buried there. Where?Valley of the Kings
Who was the first female Pharaoh of Egypt?Hatshepsut
The first modern archaeologist was probably Finders Petrie, who excavated Naqada, near Qus, in what present-day country?Egypt
In ancient Greece what was a metic?A resident alien
Diocletian divided what sprawling empire into a four-person tetrarchy?Rome
One of the largest tombs in the Valley of the Kings is called Bruce’s Tomb or the Harper’s Tomb, but whose tomb was it?Ramesses III
When Jesus Christ was born in Palestine, who was the emperor back in Rome?Augustus
Trajan was replaced by Hadrian, his cousin, as emperor of Rome. And both of them came from what part of the world?Spain
Mesopotamia means “between the rivers”. Which rivers?Tigris and Euphrates
Where did Eugene Dubois discover Homo Erectus in 1891, only to be dismissed because he was pretty much a nobody?Java
The Rubicon is a little river in northwestern Italy. But who change Rome forever when he crossed it?Julius Caesar
Urban elites in the Hellenistic era spoke an international language called koine, a variation of what language?Greek
The second of the “Five Good Emperors” led the Roman empire to its maximum territorial extent. Which one?Trajan
When Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon, he said “Alea iacta est”. What does this mean?The die is cast
Julius Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March on which year?March 15, 44 B.C.
One of the world’s first cities, Mohenjo-Daro also had indoor plumbing. Along which now Pakistani river was the city built?Indus
Built between 605 BC and 565 BC, which of the Seven Wonders of the World was the furthest east?Hanging Gardens of Babylon
What Phoenician city was famous for its stubborn resistance to Alexander the GreatTyre
Who was the first man to inherit the Roman Empire from his own father?Titus
When was the Pyramid of Khufu completed?2566 BC
Which culture is associated with the development of cuneiform and the epic of Gilgamesh?Sumeria
Heinrich Schliemann ended his formal education at age 14 and used the Iliad to discover what archaeological site?Troy in Turkey
The Delian League controlled the Easter Mediterranean, and Pericles came to control the league. What city was Pericles from?Athens
The Great Bath was found in Mohenjo-Daro, a well-irrigated city in what river’s ancient civilization?Indus
So much for modesty. The wealth of what ancient civilization wore linen so fine you could see right through it?Egyptian
Who is credited with the creation of Greek rhetoric?Corax of Syracuse
Who converted to Christianity shortly after he beat a rival named Maxentius at the Battle of Milvan Bridge?Constantine the Great
Monk’s Mound has a base roughly the size of the Great Pyramid. It was built in Cahokia in what present-day place?Illinois, USA
For “cavemen” what were the Olduwan and Acheulean methods?Ways to make tools
Seneca would try, unsuccessfully, to tutor what Roman into becoming a philosopher-king?Nero
Approximately when is Stonehenge thought to have been started?3100 BC
Julius Caesar was killed on the Ides of March. When is this?15 th March
What two famous cities were completely wiped out in 79 AD from a volcanic eruption?Pompeii and Herculaneum
Where was King Minos’ palace?Crete
When Babylonian (or more properly, Chaldean) puppet king Zedekiah rebelled, Nebuchadnezzar II invaded what city in 586 BCE?Jerusalem
Between 300 BC and 800 AD, these Peruvian people practiced trepanning, but you know them best for their line. Who are they?Nazca
Which ancient people were associated with the area between the Danube and Don rivers?Scythians
In about 330 BC, a Greek scholar named Pytheas of Massilia sailed around what island, describing its inhabitants as Celts?Britain
To please Queen Amyitis, who was from verdant Medea, Nebuchadnezzar built a hanging garden in what ancient desert kingdom?Babylon
What is the other name for the ten men in the Alexandrian Canon?Attic Orators
What name did James Henry Breasted coin for an arc in the Middle East that included the Levant, Mesopotamia and Egypt?Fertile Crescent
Known for defeating Spartacus, who became infamous for buying the property of the condemned at discount prices?Crassus
Who beat Darius III at Gaugamela, then burned down his palace at Persepolis during a drunken, destructive binge?Alexander the Great
Until Menes unified the country, Egypt was actually two kingdoms. What were they called?Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt
Born in 356 BC, what conqueror died of fever in 323 BC?Alexander the Great
Thanks to their horses, chariots and composite bows, who swept into Egypt in the 17 th century BC, founding the 15 th Dynasty?Hyksos
French mathematician Blaise Pascal once suggested history would be very different if what Egyptian had an uglier nose?Cleopatra
Born in what is now Serbia, he was proclaimed emperor of Rome in York, England. Who?Constantine
Empress Irene is a historical leader of which country?Roman Empire
The Silk Road ran for 4,000 miles between what two civilizations?China and Rome
How many Punic Wars were there?Three
Led by Pyrrho of Elis, which Greeks wouldn’t believe anything you told them without first going over every detail very carefully?Skeptics
In a Greek palace, what was a megaron?A central hall
When Sparta finally conquered this city, it installed a puppet regime called the Thirty Tyrants. What city?Athens
Skara Brae was built into a mound of midden, which is basically the community’s compost. Where?Scotland
What ancient civilization had a Memphis of its own, one that didn’t include Elvis?Egypt
Homo habilis appeared at roughly the same time that as Australopithecus was dying out. Where did their name come from?Their use of tools
What bird was sacred to the Egyptians?Ibis
What species’ first complete skeleton was found at La Chapelle-aux-Saints in southwest France?Neanderthal
Who was the father of Alexander the Great?Philip II of Macedon
This man was said to have unified the kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt around 3100 BC.Menes
At 481 feet, the Great Pyramid of Giza was the tallest structure in the world for a long time. How long?4000 years
Phryne was a hetaera who lived in Athens in the 4 th century BC. How did she get off when she was charged with murder?Stripped for the jury
Famous for the British wall named for him, who was the first bearded emperor of RomeHadrian
In 480 BCE, Spartan king Leonidas I and his outnumbered Greeks held Xerxes off in what 50-foot mountain pass?Thermopylae
If you’re French, Spanish or Italian, you might guess this. What day did the Romans call the Day of Venus?Friday
Ancient Gaul was mostly France, but also included Belgium and part of what country, west of the Rhine?Germany
What people from what is now Turkey introduced the Iron Age to the Middle East in about 1400 BCE and pounded the Egyptians?Hittites
Roman emperors, and the Catholic popes, called themselves Pontifex Maximus. But who was the original Pontifex?First man to bridge the Tiber
In Julius Caesar’s last battle, where did he defeat Pompey’s two sons?Spain
Which of these was NOT a member of the first Roman triumvirate?Mark Antony
In Rome, how did Cato the Elder, Catiline and Cicero become famous?As orators
Aubrey holes, which contain ancient human remains, are named for John Aubrey, who found them. Where?Stonehenge
Where would you have found the Minoan civilization?Crete
With no male heirs, Julius Caesar decided to make his grandnephew, Octavius, his successor. Who did he become?Augustus
What city did Nebuchadnezzar II become famous for destroying in approximately 588 BC?Jerusalem
Cicero is said to have been named for the ceci bean, now better known by what name?Chickpea
Joseph ben Matthias became Flavius Josephus when he switched sides and joined the Romans, against what countrymen of his?Jews
Greek sculptures and Assyrian stone bulls guarded doorways with Egyptian lintels in what Persian city?Persepolis
Erik von Daniken claimed the prehistoric cave art of Tassili depicts helmeted space aliens. Where is it?Algeria
Who is regarded as the architect of the pyramid at Saqqara, forerunner of the Great Pyramid at Giza?Imhotep
In ancient Rome, where would the meretrices live?In brothels
Who crossed the Alps with a herd of war elephants (although not as many as you might think) ?Hannibal
On which date was William I crowned?Dec 25, 1066
The Mycenaean people probably fought on one of the sides of the Trojan War. Where did they live?Mainland Greece
Who wrote the Aeneid?Virgil
Heinrich Schliemann made his fortune from the Crimean War, which he and his wife Sophia used to discover what archaeological site?Troy in Turkey
Louis Leakey was born near the sites where he would do his greatest work. Where would this be?Outside Nairobi
What name was used both by a Greek city in Boeotia and one on the Nile?Thebes
Extinct for about 50,000 years, which of these species actually had a bigger brain than we do?Homo neanderthalensis
Justinian’s nephew, Justin I, was a swineherd before he became what empire’s emperor?Byzantine
Who was Nero’s first wife?Octavia
What was the capital of Assyria at its founding in 745 BC?Nimrud
In ancient Rome, the censors oversaw public morality, but they were also involved mostly in something else. What?Maintaining the census rolls
An 1872 painting by Jean-Leon Gerome called Pollice Verso led to what entirely mistaken idea about Ancient Rome?Thumbs down killed gladiators
What civilization in present-day Mexico created giant stone heads in the 13 th century BC?Olmec
In 8 BC, a Roman emperor renamed the month of Sextilis for himself. What is it called today?August
Who was the tutor of Alexander the Great?Aristotle
The five emperors from Nerva to Marcus Aurelius are known to historians by what name?Five Good Emperors
Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus was better known by what name, literally meaning “little boots”?Caligula
Which ancient world wonder was found in Giza?Great Pyramid
Which of these is NOT one of the periods of the Stone Age?Monolithic
What city is believed to have been the first one with one million people?Rome
Emperor Caracalla of Rome was stabbed to death in AD 217 while doing something unusual. What?Urinating off a side of a road
King Brutus and his Trojans defeated a race of giants and became what country’s first king, at least according to Nennius?Britain
Xanthippe’s husband asked a lot of questions around Athens. Who was this inquisitive man?Socrates
How old was Alexander the Great when he died?32
The Roman circus wasn’t really a circus. What went on in the Circus Maximus?Horse racing
According to the satirist Juvenal, the Roman population “longs eagerly for just two things”. What are they?Bread and circuses
Known for his really severe laws, who suffocated to death when too many people threw their coats on him as a sign of respect?Draco
Nova Roma is a modern-day attempt to revive what republic, polytheism and all, in Maine?Rome
Which of the following is NOT included in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?Machu Picchu
What leader’s companion cavalry were considered the world’s first shock cavalry, as well as the best in the ancient world?Alexander the Great
You can call this Londoner the original “tomb raider”. Who was he?Howard Carter
Aeschines, Demosthenes, and Ctesiphon were Athenian rivals. What did they do for a living?Orators
What heraldic symbol originates with the Byzantines, who used it to indicate their claim to the Roman Empire?Double-headed eagle
Of the 22 people present when King Tut’s sarcophagus was opened in 1922, how many were still alive 10 years later?21
The Romans kept the people happy with “panem et circenses”. What is panem et circences?Bread and circuses
When was the city of Carthage founded?814 BC
Who was the Emperor of the Romans in the year 1 AD?Augustus
The original pandect was the Pandectae, a 50-volume digest. What did it contain?Roman civil law
Which of the Seven Wonders of the World was known as the Pharos of Alexandria in Egypt?Lighthouse
Xerxes I, son of Darius I, tried again and again to invade Greece until he was murdered by what empire’s nobles?Persia
Made by crushing fish and leaving it to rot, garum would be used by a Roman for what purpose?To flavor his food
The death of the very long-lived Pepy II in about 2200 BC marked the end of what civilization’s Old Kingdom?Egypt
Famous for its red pottery, Ban Chiang is a major archaeological site in what country?Thailand
Herodotus called them Keltoi, while the Romans called them Gauls. Who were they?Celts
Much of what we know about this Persian comes from the Behistun Inscription, which he left on a towering rock. Who was he?Darius the Great
What distinguished the tunic of a Roman senator?Purple stripes
What Greek word is used to describe the city-state unit?Polis
In ancient Sparta, who were the Helots?Serfs
The last of the Five Good Emperors, whose death while on campaign is depicted at the beginning of “Gladiator”?Marcus Aurelius
What ancient people shaved their eyebrows when one of their casts died, and even had cats mummified along with them?Egyptians
Where did the Romans build the Servian Wall?Around Rome
What civilization, founded by the Ubaidians in Mesopotamia around 3250 BCE, is widely regarded as the first civilization?Sumerians
Around 2600 BC, the Egyptian queen Hetepheres is the first known person to have become what?Egyptian mummy
What world capital lies on the Tigris as did the Assyrian capital of Nineveh?Baghdad
What ancient empire built the Royal Road from Susa near the Persian Gulf to Sardis in Lydia near the Aegean?Persia
In which city’s museum would you find the Rosetta Stone?London
Emperors Decius and Diocletian led the worst Roman persecutions of these people, in the third and fourth centuries. Who?Christians
An estimated 40% of Sumerian grain production went to what purpose?Making beer
Who defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra at the naval battle of Actium?Octavian (Augustus)
Around what time was the horse domesticated?4400 BC
Seljuk appears to have tried Judaism before Sunni Islam. What people where named for him?Seljuk Turks
In 1519, what conquistador burned his own boats, forcing his 500 Spaniards to march on a half million Aztecs?Hernando Cortez
The Egyptians called it Per-Ra meaning City of Ra. Our word for it is from the Greeks and it means “Sun City”. What is it?Heliopolis
In 1806 Thomas Bruce, 7 th earl of Elgin, bought something from the Turks that they probably had no right to sell. What?Marbles from the Parthenon
Between 79 AD and 85 AD, Gnaeus Julius Agricola reached into Caledonia, but couldn’t quite defeat the local Picts. Where was this?Scotland
Our years begin with January as the first month. But where did January fall in the old Roman calendar?11 th month
Romans measured the years in AUC, or Ab Urbe Condita (After city founding). In what year AUC did the US declare its independence?2528
What was the approximate population of the world in 1 AD?200 million
Which two emperors ruled during Jesus’ lifetime?Augustus and Tiberius
At the Battle of Kadesh, who sent his own pet lion charging into the Hittite lines?Ramses
Zenodotus of Ephesus was the first librarian of a famous library in what city?Alexandria
Cato the Elder (aka Marcus Porcius Cato) ended his speeches wih. “Delenda est Carthago”. What does this mean?Carthage must be destroyed
Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius are collectively called the “Five Good” what?Emperors
Which mystery did Jean-Francois Champollion solve in 1822?The Rosetta Stone’s meaning
The Roman province Aquitania was found in which modern day country?France
The helots were slaves owned by which state?Sparta
Founded on just seven hills, what city had, by AD 117, conquered 2.5 million square miles and 50 million people?Rome
In AD 653, Pope Martin was arrested and ultimately convicted of treason. By whom?Byzantine emperor
Queen Makeda is a historical leader of which country?Sheba
Vespasian and his son Titus crushed whose revolt at Masada?Jews
Julius Caesar said “The die is cast” after crossing which river?Rubicon
In about 1200 BCE, the mysterious Sea Peoples destroyed the Hittite Empire. Where was this?Middle East
What empire had a Roman-era revival under the Parthians and Sassanids, based in a new capital at Ctesiphon?Persia
The Rosetta Stone was a slab of basalt found during Napoleon’s invasion of what country in the 1790s?Egypt
The first modern archaeologist was probably Flinders Petrie, who excavated Naqada, near Qus, in what present-day country?Egypt
What kingdom assimilated the Canaanites, a people they had beaten in 1125 BC?Israel
What smallest Wonder of the World was so small it was the only one ever moved?Statue of Zeus
Which modern nation was once part of the Roman province of Lusitania?Portugal
The Hittites were from Hatti, found on a central plateau in what present-day country?Turkey
Bactria is now Afghanistan. A Bactrian princess named Roxana went down in history as whose first wife?Alexander the Great
In 352 BC, Chinese astronomers recorded the earliest known sighting of what?Supernova
Which of these men was part of Rome’s First Triumvirate, not its second?Julius Caesar
What King of Sparta is said to have been the husband of Helen of Troy?Menelaus
Who supposedly wrapped herself in a smuggled carpet so she could meet and seduce Julius Caesar?Cleopatra
Who is widely believed to have been the father of Cleopatra’s son Caesarion, meaning Little Caesar?Julius Caesar
Founded by Alexander the Great in 332 BC, you’d find Alexandria today at the mouth of what river?Nile
Carthage was a great city of antiquity. Today, it is a wealthy suburb of what city?Tunis
Julius Caesar took the surrender of Vercingetorix of the Arveni. As fans of Asterix and Obelix would know, who were the Arveni?Gauls
They Phoenicians called Utica the “old city”. What city did they call Kart-Hadasht, meaning “New City”?Carthage
Purportedly, Romulus pulled off the “rape of the Sabines” to give what future empire wombs to fuel its population growth?Roman Empire
The Achaemenid dynasty ruled what country from about 550 BC to 330 BC?Persia
In 1974, we found a 6,000-unit terra cotta army. Protecting whom?The first emperor of China
Who made up the Second Triumvirate in the Roman republic in addition to Octavian and Mark Antony?Marcus Lepidus
In 332 BCE, who broke the siege of the island of Tyre by building a two-mile road across the sea out to it?Alexander the Great
What was the world’s population in AD 1?200000000
During what Nile civilization’s Old Kingdom did they color their eyelids green with a copper oxide called malachite?Egypt
In AD 532, General Belisarius put down riots that threatened to depose Emperor Justinian in what city?Constantinople
In Rome, Cato the Elder, Catiline and Cicero all became famous in what line of work?Oratory
Hammurabi, the founder of Babylonia, is best known for something he supposedly received from the sun-god Shamash. What is it?A code of laws
What decadent Roman emperor’s last words are said to have been “Qualis artifex pereo”, or “What an artist dies in me”?Nero
Louis and Richard Leakey did much of their work in the Olduvai Gorge. Where is this gorge?Tanzania
What city was founded by Romulus and Remus, who had been suckled by a she-wolf that came to symbolize the city?Rome
What Macedonian conquered Egypt and declared himself God/Pharaoh after consulting the oracle of Amon-Ra?Alexander the Great
Under Darius I in 522 BC, what empire reached its height, stretching 4000 km from the Indus River to what is now Libya?Persian
What ancient fishing settlement in modern Lebanon has become the Arabic word for “fishery”?Sidon
Where was the historical region we now call the Fertile Crescent?In the Middle East
According to legend, what did the historical Sargon the Great have in common with the biblical Moses?Both set afloat in baskets
The Roman province Lusitania was located in which two modern day countries?Spain and Portugal
Which of the following did an Egyptian named Akhenaten do?Established worship of one god
Who was the first foreigner to rule in China?Kublai Khan
What river’s flooding used to be timed with the reappearance of Sirius, a star the locals called Sopdet?Nile
Java Man and Peking Man are now considered part of what species, which is known to have used fire?Homo Habilis
(reported for being wrong, it’s actually Homo Erectus)
If Parthia were still around today, where would it be?Iran
How many characters were in the Phoenician alphabet?22
Fort Schuyler, New York, was renamed for Utica, an ancient city in what part of the world?North Africa
What did Tutankhamen’s name literally mean?Living Image of Amen
Who untied the knot named for King Gordius of Phrygia?Alexander the Great
Augustus insisted he hadn’t ended the Republic and that he was just princeps. What does this mean?First Citizen
The Canaanites and the Philistines were the two primary groups comprising what nation?Phoenicians
Who built an empire based in the city of Angkor, from the ninth to the fifteenth centuries AD?Khmers
Long before Ferdinand De Lesseps, Persia’s Darius I finished a canal that connected the Mediterranean to what body of water?Red Sea
How many of the traditional Seven Wonders of the World were in what is now Egypt?Two
Seneca was a great philosopher, but not much of a teacher. What student of his went bad and forced Seneca to commit suicide?Nero
What would a Celt have done with a torc?Worn it around the neck
What was the name of the Roman province of coastal Illyria?Dalmatia
A parting shot, fired while in retreat, should actually be a “Parthian shot”. Where were these mounted Parthian archers from?Iran
What sea did the Romans so dominate that they called it Mare Nostrum, meaning Our Sea?Mediterranean
Greek colonists founded Byzantium in about 660 BC. What is the city called today?Istanbul
Who had a field day with Shakoki-dogu, a goggle-eyed Japanese statue that looks vaguely like a man in a deep-sea diver’s helmet?Erich von Daniken
As of 2010, the best guess is that I died in 1323 BCE of a malaria infection that set in after I broke my leg. Who was I?Tutankhamen
Under Gaiseric, what barbarians conquered much of the Roman Empire and even challenged Greek Constantinople?Vandals
In ancient Rome, how did a haruspex tell the future?By studying animal guts
In 560 BCE, Pisistratus built a temple to which locally popular goddess atop the Acropolis?Athena
In 330 AD, Constantine I built New Roma over what village, which leant its name to the empire?Byzantium
What former Persian capital was home to such wonders as the Hall of 100 Columns, the Gate of All Nations, and the Throne Hall?Persepolis
What ancient city served as Tamerlane’s capital?Samarkand
In 2003n in what country did scientists find Homo sapiens idaltu, believed to be the oldest human remains?Ethiopia
The word “Punic” was Latin for “Phoenician”. The three Punic Wars were fought between Rome and what city?Carthage
For 55 years, what ancient city’s harbor boasted a colossal statue of the sun god Helios?Rhodes
Where would an ancient Egyptian locate “ka” and “ba”?In the soul
What ancient people called themselves Remetch, meaning “the people”?Egyptians
On which river’s plain did the city of Babylon develop?Euphrates
The god-king Menes is said to have been Egypt’s first pharaoh. And his capital shares its name with which American city?Memphis
After its library got destroyed, what city moved its remaining volumes to a temple called the Serapeum?Alexandria
Evidence found in South Africa’s Wonderwerk Cave pushed back the date humans were known to have used fire. To how long ago?A million years ago
The patron saint of England is famous for killing which type of creature?Dragon
The Beas River in Himachal Pradesh is the modern name for the Hyphasis and it marked the easternmost extent of whose reign?Alexander the Great
In 146 BC, the Romans not only destroyed this city, but dumped salt into the ruins. What city was this?Carthage
With an empire reaching from modern-day Turkey to Egypt to Iran, Sargon II divided it up into 70 provinces. What empire was this?Assyrian Empire
What is the oldest of the traditional list of the Seven Wonders of the World, and the only one still intact today?The Pyramids of Egypt
Suppililiuma built an empire rivaling Egypt, Babylonia and Assyria. Which empire was this?Hittites


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