Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which Roman dictator defeated the Aequians in 458 BC, then famously gave up power to return to his farm?Cincinnatus
What relationship was Antonius Pius to Marcus Aurelius?Uncle
Which Roman general finally defeated Hannibal at the battle of Zama in 202 BC?Scipio Africanus
Which Emperor built a second wall between England and Scotland?Antoninus Pius
Which city was totally destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC?Carthage
Julia Agrippina was the sister of which Roman Emperor?Caligula
Which poet was exiled to the Black Sea by Augustus, possibly because his poem about seduction, "the Art of Love"?Ovid
What subject did the Roman author Lucretius write about?Philosophy
Which Roman Emperor conquered Dacia?Trajan
Who was the Roman prefect of Judea form 26 to 36 AD?Pontius Pilate
What was the title of the two senior magistrates elected annually to rule to the Roman republic?Consuls
What subject did the Roman author Vitruvius write about?Architecture
A vallum was formed alongside Hadrian's Wall. What is a vallum?Ditch
What is the minimum number of soldiers required to make a Roman legion?4000
Beside being a military rank, what was a decurion?Town councillor
Which Roman orator made speeches against Mark Anthony and was executed as a result?Cicero
Romulus and Remus were abandoned as children by which river?Tiber
Which Emperor proved victorious at the Battle of Milvian Bridge?Constantine
Which twin brothers were the legendary founders of Rome?Romulus and Remus
How high was the Colosseum in Rome?188 m (617 ft)
According to the legend, who was the first Roman King?Romulus

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