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Animals Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which monument in Iowa is notable for unusual mounds in the shape of animals?Effigy Mounds
Where does the muskox live?Arctic
Which animal did Ozzy Osborne infamously bite on stage, apparently accidentally?A Bat
Which of these is a microscopic protozoan animal?Ameba
What is the average life expectancy in years of a Carp?100
What animal is often described as laughing?Hyena
A 'Cob' is a male swan, what is a female swan called?Pen
Which animal does gammon come from?Pig
What is the largest species of antelope?Eland
What breed of dog did Columbo have in the television series of the same name?Basset hound
Which of these is the smallest?Earwig
What is irregular about the Manx cat?No tail
The last tarpan died in Ukraine in the 1910s. What was it?Wild horse
What is Ursus maritimus better known as?Polar bear
How many different species are estimated to be on Earth?5 to 100 million
With what sort of ape did future president Ronald Reagan co-star in the film "Bedtime for Bonzo"?Chimpanzee
How many wings does a bee have?4
In which of these countries are penguins NOT a native species?Sri Lanka
Where do clams release their eggs to be fertilized?Into the water
Which of these do dogs use to communicate?Tail wagging
Sea Cucumber is a common name for which marine animal?Sea Slug
What term describes the sound of a mule?Bray
Which of these is a fish?Trout
As of 2012, what is the only place in the world where wild pygmy elephants live?Borneo
Which of these is the largest type of seal?Elephant Seal
What is the name for a two legged animal?Biped
The explosion of animals on Earth is called the what?Cambrian explosion
Why do animals in hot climates have larger ears than those in cold climates?To lose more heat
What do you call a baby guinea pig?Pup
When a whale is breaching, what is it doing?Jumping out of the water
On which continent is the black mamba native?Africa
What is the average life expectancy in years for a Hippopotamus?45
Which of these dogs has a flap of wrinkly skin under its chin, called a shawl?Bloodhound
What is the tallest animal in the world?Giraffe
Which animal's name is also a type of shoe?Mule

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