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Asia Geography Trivia QuestionAnswer
The Plain of Jars is an unusual set of large stone jars from about two millennia ago. In which coutnry will you find them?Laos
On which peninsula is Hong Kong located?Kowloon
What is the capital of Burma?Naypyidaw
What historic seaport is Israel shares its name with a unit of measure?Acre
What is the national language of the Philippines?Tagalog
Which of these countries is landlocked?Kyrgyzstan
What is the area in between the Tigris and Euphrates known as?Mesophotamia
Which country is made up of island groups of Visayas, Luzon, and Mindanao?Philippines
Where will you find Kerala, the state with the highest life expectancy in its country?India
What is the highest peak in the Hindu Kush mountain range?Tririch Mir
By what name was Ho Chi Minh City known as, when it was the capital of the former country of South Vietnam?Saigon
Which of the following cities is the capital of Syria?Damascus
In which coutnry is the famous Raffles Hotel?Singapore
What is the second-largest city in the Philippines?Manila
What Indian city used to be called Calcutta?Kolkata
By what name is the south-eastern coast of India known?Coromandel
In what country is the port city of Aden?Yemen
Brunei is largely surrounded by the Serawak region belonging to which country?Malaysia
What is the capital of Afghanistan?Kabul
Which Indian city was officially renamed Mumbai in 1996?Bombay
Which of these countries is not in the Arab League?Iran

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