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Asian History Trivia QuestionAnswer
IN 2002, what country's vice-president, Taha Ramadan, offered to duel Dick Cheney, his American opposite?Iraq
Which country sent the Kagnew Infantry Battalion to the Korean war?Ethiopia
Benazir Bhutto became this first female president of which country in 1988?Pakistan
The Mikado is an obsolete title once give to the Emperor of which country?Japan
What was the capital of Japan prior to 1868?Kyoto
What 20th-century Sunni didctator ruled over a Shia majority, many of whom got massacred?Saddam Hussein
Who gave Oda Nobunaga the gun he used to reunify Japan?Portugal
In which country did the Cultural Revolution take place in the 1960s?China
India and Pakistan have nearly come to nuclear blows over what region, for which a Led Zeppelin song is named?Kashmir
What country has been shipping out Muslim Javanese form that overpopulated island to lesser populated, non-Muslim islands?Indonesia
Which perosn is known for leading the Iranian revolution?Ayatollah Khomeini
The Philippines was named after a king of which country?Spain
Empress Wu Chao was empress of which country?China
Which Middle Eastern civilization, which existed between 2700 BC until 539 BC, had its capital at Susa?Elam
Who said, "Moses dragged us for 40 years in the desert to the one place in the Middle East where there was no oil"?Golda Meir
In which city was the colonial-style Raffles hotel opened in 1887?Singapore
Eastern Samoa is American Samoa. The country once called "Western Samoa" won its independence from what country?New Zealand
What Indian dynasty was founded by Chandragupta shortly after Alexander the great tried to conquer India?Mauryas
Ying Zheng renamed himself Shi Huangdi, the meaning of which also tells us his role in Chinese history. What does it mean?First Emperor
In what year was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated?1948


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