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Australia Geography Trivia QuestionAnswer
Surat is located in which Austalian state or territory?Queensland
Taree is in which Australian state or territory?New South Wales
What Western Australian port on teh Swan River neighbors Perth?Fremantle
Whihc of these is NOT a town in Western Australia?Quidditch
What is the highest mountainin New South Wales?Mount Kosciuszko
What is a lake in Queensland, Australia?Lake Yamma Yamma
King Island is part of which Australian state or territory?Tasmania
Whihc of these is NOT an Australian opal?Forest opal
Western Plains zoo is located near which Australian town?Dubbo
What was the town of Albany called when it was first settled in 1826 as a British penal coloy?Frederickstown
Which of these is a tree which grows in Australia's Simpson Desert?Mulga tree
What is a town on the North West Coastal Highway o f northwestern Western Australia?Port Hedland
Where in Australia did European settlement begin?East coast
What is the northernmost point of Australian continent?Cape York

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