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Batman (Movie) Trivia QuestionAnswer
What character did Jack Palance play in the 1989 movie "Batman"?Boss Grissom
Who directed "Batman" and "Batman Returns"?Tim Burton
In "The Dark Knight Rises", Selina Kyle is trying to get which computer program that will erase her police records?Clean Slate
Who played Batgirl in "Batman & Robin"?Alicia Silverstone
"The Dark Knight Rises" takes place how long after the events of "The Dark Knight"?Eight Years
Who played the jailer in "Batman" that puts Mr. Freeze in his cell?Jesse Ventura
According to Dr. Woodrue in "Batman & Robin", what is Bane's real name?Antonio Diego
Which actor played the first man to call himself Ra's al Ghul in "Batman Begins"?Ken Watanabe
In "The Dark Knight Rises", Bane stages an attack on which building?Stock Exchange
In "The Dark Knight", what is the name of Bruce Wayne's butlet?Alfred
In "The Dark Knight Rises", Bane reveals the cover-up surrounding which character's death in "The Dark Knight"?Harvey Dent
In "Batman Forever", what was Edward Nigma's invention designed to work with?Television
In which American City was "The Dark Knight Rises" primarily filmed?Pittsburgh
In "The Dark Knight", Batman drops which character from a building?Sal Maroni
In "The Dark Knight", Gambol says that he wants The Joker alive so that he can do what?Teach him some manners
In "The Dark Knight Rises", what does Bane say has defeated Batman?Victory
In "Batman Begins", what dark opera did the Wayne family see the night Bruce's parents were killed?Mefistofele
Which character in "The Dark Knight" is killed by a car bomb?Judge Surillo
What shadowy organization did Bruce Wayne train with in "Batman Begins"?The League of Shadows
In which of these movies did Batman's suit feature the traditional yellow oval around the chest emblem?Batman Returns

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