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Batman Trivia QuestionAnswer
What new code-name did Dick Grayson take after retiring as Robin?Nightwing
Which identical, childlike villains are cousins and sometimes serve as Jocker's henchman?Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Unlike most of Batman's villains, Penguin is sent to which prison when arrested?Blackgate Penitentiary
What is the name of the Native American hero inspired by Batman?Man-of-Bats
Which of these Bruce Wayne love interests has NOT appeared in the comics?Rachael Dawes
What is the Riddler's real name?Edward Nygma
In the comic book "All-Star Batman & Robin", the Dynamic Duo defeat which hero by painting an entire room yellow?Hal Jordan
Thanks to his wealth and connections, which Batman villain is often able to pass himself off as a legitimate businessman?Penguin
What are the names of Bruce Wayne's parents?Thomas and Martha
The name "Arkham Asylum" was inspired by the stories of which classic horror and pulp writer?H.P. Lovecraft
What was Dick Grayson's profession before he became Robin?Circus acrobat
Which villain developed a powerful formula called Monster Serum that can transform ordinary men into hulking beasts?Hugo Strange
Which of these comics did NOT explore Robin's origin story?Batman: The Long Halloween
Which popular comic book series focused on Gotham's police officers rather than Batman himself?Gotham Central
Which villain was shot in the head and severely wounded in 2006's Batman #654?Joker
Alfred temporarily left Bruce Wayne's employ in which comic storyline?Knightquest
What is the name of Batman's underground lair beneath Wayne Manor?The Batcave
Frank Miller originally intended which 9/11- inspired graphic novel to feature Batman?Holy Terror
The outcome of which controversial comic book was determined by reader votes cast on a 1-900 telephone line?Death in the Family
What public servant role did Harvey Dent fill before he became Two-Face?District Attorney

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