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Beyonce Trivia QuestionAnswer
During what month in 2007 was Beyonce named International Solo Artist of the Year by Glamour magazine?June
With which artist did Beyonce re-record "Until the End of Time" in 2007?Justin Timberlake
Can you name the musical biopic that Beyonce appeared in as Etta James in 2008?Cadillac Records
Which song did Beyonce originally planned to release as the 2nd single from "B'Day"?Green Light
What is Beyonce's production company, Parkwood, named after?The street she grew up in
What is track 5 on Beyonce's "I Am… Sasha Fierce" album?Ave Maria
What was the name of the character played by Beyonce in "The Fighting Temptations"?Lilly
When did Beyonce perform the American national anthem for the first time?Super Bowl XXXVIII
In what year was the word "Bootylicious", popularised by Beyonce, added to the Oxford English Dictionary??2004
For which album did Beyonce win the Top R&B Album award from Billboard in 2012?4
How many copies did Beyonce's album "I AM … Sasha Fierce" sell in the first week of release?482000
What is Beyonce's favorite ice-cream flavor?Butter Pecan
How did Beyonce come by her unusual name?Mother's maiden name
Who featured on Beyonce's song "Signs" from her "Dangerously in Love" album?Missy Elliott
Which one of the following was not a co-writer of Beyonce's song "Signs" from her "Dangerously in Love" album?Beyonce
What Billboard Mid Year music award did Beyonce win in 2012?Best Style
Which one of the following does not yet have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame?Beyonce
Can you name the DVD that Beyonce recorded with Destiny's Child in Rotterdam in 2003?Destiny's Child World Tour
In 2008, Beyonce was nominated for eight Teen Choice awards, how many did she actually win?Three
When did Beyonce become the first solo female artist to headline the main Pyramid stage at the Glastonbury Festival?2011

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