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Biology Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which of these is a renewable energy and fuel source?Solar energy
Where are anther found?In flower
What are corks made from?Tree bark
What common food is actually a modified root?Carrots
What do many types of birds, such as geese, do just before it begins to get colder?Migrate
Which is a tiny structure located in the cytoplasm of a cell?Ribosome
Which of these part is found in plant cells but NOT animal cells?Chloroplasts
What kingdom would a human be in?Animal
What are the small bones that make up a backbone called?Vertebrae
Which plant vessel is responsible for getting food and nutrients to the roots?Phloem
Which mammals use a pouch to continue their offsprint's development once born?Marsupials
Which of these is a plant native to Asia?Hemp
Which of these is a virus that doesn't immediately cause damage to tissue?Latent virus
What is a name for the place where an animal lives?Habitat
Coffee and manioc are best grown in which climate zone?Tierra Templada
What state was the first to use DNA to capture a serial rapist/murderer?Virginia
What light-sensitive cells in the eye detect colors?Cones
Which of these is a sense that humans are known to have?Taste
What is the sprouting of a new plant structure called?Germination
Which of these animals goes through incomplete metamorphosis?Grasshopper
What is the biggest artery in the human body?Aorta
Which element is present in all organic compounds?Carbon
Which of these creatures is a one-celled organism?Amoeba
How many main kingdoms are there in the living world?Five
What forms the outer boundary of a cell and controls material moving in and out of the cell?Cell Membrane
What is the outermost covering of trees and some plants called?Bark
Which of these body systems helps your body keep its shape and givens protections?Skeletal
What kind of tree loses all its leaves during a dormant period like winter?Deciduous
What type of worm is a tapeworm?Flatworm
Which of the following mimics a monarch butterfly?Viceroy
What are the tiny air sacs in the lungs called?Alveoli
What is the process of joining the male and female sex cells of a plant called?Pollination
What North American animal is mistakenly called a buffalo?Bison
What are the structures found in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells called?Organelles
What is a young bear called?Cub
What is Rutin?Bioflavonoid
What does the term myalgia refers?Muscle pain
What is it called if one organism is using the same resources as another?Competition
What are the proteins in which condensed DNA is wound around called?Histones
Whose law states that “Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny”?Von Baer
What is another name for the voice box?Larynx
Which of these is a viral disease?Smallpox
What type of fluid does the pancreas secrete?Alkaline
What is the leaf of a fern called?Frond
What is a community and its abiotic environment?Ecosystem
How many stages are in a butterfly’s life cycle?4


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