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Birds Trivia QuestionAnswer
What bird, which is also native to North America, is known as a tystie in Scotland?Black guillemot
If you find an aquiline convocation in an aerie, what birds have you come across?Eagles
What is a bird of prey from South and Central America?Caracara
Which of these is a bird native to North America?Long-eared owl
What, in 2013, was the conservation status of the common starling?Least Concern
How do the British tell martins from swallows?By their tails
Britain's national bird is what thrush, whose American cousin is the state bird of Connecticut, Michian and Wisconsin?European robin
Swifts are extremely similar to but in no related with which other bird species?Swallow
The national bird of the Faroe Islands is called tjaldur, what is it called in English?Oystercatcher
Which of these is a species of penguin?Emperor
Which of these birds, known for providing Peru with guano, was named for its placidity and supposed stupidity?Booby
Which is the only species of Stork that can be found in Australia?Black-necked Stork
What is America's northern harrier known as in Britain?Hen harrier
What is the summer tanager's scientific name?Piranga Rubra
Which of these is a threatened species?Bachman's sparrow
Which of the following is the body shape of a booby?Cigar-shaped
On which continent would you find the Humboldt Penguin?South America
A collective of what columbine bird is called a piteousness?Doves
What is the white morph of the Grey Goshawk known as?White Goshawk
The western area of which continent is the breeding area for the Rufous Hummingbird?North America
What is the only true North American thrush?Robin
The Northern Goshawk appears on which territories' flag?Azores
The Black-necked Sawn is a native bird to which continent?South America
What country lost the Great Emu War of 1932, when the birds simply scattered into the brush on the sound of gunfire?Australia
Breeding male ostriches hiss and make what other sound?Lion-like roar
The small Squacco Heron can be found breeding in which area of Europe?South
Which of these birds has feet least adapted to perching?White Pelican
What island has the most species of birds found only on that island?New Guinea
Which is NOT a marsh bird?Finch
Best known by a name given it by Paul Mohring in 1752, what bird is also known as the nandu and the South American ostrich?Rhea
The migratory Pacific Swift spends winter in which sountern hemisphere country?Australia
To where is the cassowary native?New Guinea
The Capped Heron is a native species to which continent?South America

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