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Boston Celtics Trivia QuestionAnswer
What number did Kevin Garnett wear with the Timberwolves?21
Who replaced Rick Pitino as Celtics coach during 2001 season?Jim O'Brien
Who made the 1956-57 All Star game for the Celtics besides Cousy and Sharman?Tom Heinsohn
After averaging 4.5 points as a rookie, how many points did Reggie Lewis average during his second year in the NBA?18.5
What Celtic was the fourth pick in the 1970 NBA draft?Dave Cowens
What Celtic great is 30th all time in NBA history in number of points scored?Larry Bird
Where did Larry Bird go to college?Indiana State
What 76er did Red Auerbach challenge to hit him durin a 1983 preseason game?Moses Malone
Who is the only player from the 1957 NBA draft who made it to the Basketball Hall of Fame?Sam Jones
In 1953, the Celtics drafted two players from the University of Kentucky. One was Cliff Hagen, who was the other?Frank Ramsey
What Celtic who played his college ball for North Carolina made the 1995 All Rookie Second Team?Eric Montross
What college team did Bob Cousy coach immediately after he retired as a player?Boston College
In 1999-2000, what future Celtic was league MVP?Shaquille O'Neal
What Hall of Fame basketball coach was a backup to Bill Russell with the Celtics?John Thompson
What future Celtic finished third in the MVP balloting in 2003-04 season?Jermaine O'Neal
In 1962-63, what two Celtics besides league MVP Bill Russell were in the Top Ten in MVP voting?Cousy and Havlicek
What Celtic was the first member of the 40-50-90 club and also the first player to achieve it twice?Larry Bird
Who holds the Boston Celtics record for most steals in one season with 167?Rick Fox
What text appears on an honorary banner in the rafters for Jim Loscutoff in lieu of his number?Loscy
Between 1957-1969, how many championships did the Celtics win?11
According to a Red Auerbach quote "The Celtics aren't a team. They're …what?A way of life
What Celtic was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010?Dennis Johnson
What is the only number bewteen 14 and 25 that hasn't been retired yet by the Celtics?20
Who averaged the most points per game in Celtics history?Larry Bird
The Celtics retired the number of Cedric Maxwell. What is the number they retired?31
What Celtic played for the team from 1956-65 and coached the team from 1969-78Tom Heinsohn
What Celtic Hall of Famer was briefly the coach of the Kentucky Colonels of the ABA?Frank Ramsey

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