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Boxing Trivia QuestionAnswer
In 2003, before beating Clifford Etienne in just 49 seconds, what boxer got a maori moko facial tattoo?Mike Tyson
Who famously set Joe Louis to the canvas in the twelfth round in 1938?Max Schmeling
Which boxer was the first to have oxygen administered to him at a fight in 1903?James J. Corbett
Who was the first man to regain the heavyweight championship of the world after losing it in 1959?Floyd Patterson
Which boxer was often referred to as "bonecrusher"?James Smith
What relation were Leon and Michael Spinks?Brothers
What middleweight boxer was born Walker Smith Jr in 1921?Sugar Ray Robinson
What 12-year-old turned to boxing after his stolen bicycle to local policeman and boxing trainer Joe Martin?Muhammad Ali
In which decade was the WBO founded?1980's
In which year did Frank Bruno win his first World Heavyweight title?1993
Who is the Italian Canadian boxer whose nickname is "Thunder"?Arturo Gatti
Who is the first and only boxer to win world titles in 8 different weight divisions?Manny Pacquiao
What was the nationality of the boxer Carlos Monzo?Argentinian
How many times did Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali fight each other?3
In what year did the first ever professional Women's boxing match take place?1998
What boxer lost his title when he refused to be drafted, adding: "I ain't got no quarrel with them Viet Cong"?Muhammad Ali
Which boxer was born on December 17, 1978 in Bukidnon, Philippines?Manny Pacquiao
What nickname was shared by boxers Ruben Carter and Henry Armstrong?Hurricane
What material often went before Mike Tyson name?Iron
Muhammad Ali was stripped of his title for refusal to serve in which war?Vietnam

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