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Breaking Bad Trivia QuestionAnswer
In season two, which character explains his nickname as "I take my time, but I always win"?Tortuga
Where do Jesse and Andrea take Brock for dinner?Taco Sal
After buying the carwash how much does Walt spend on a bottle of champagne to celebrate?320
What do the Albuquerque Journal want to interview Walter Jr. about?His website
What do Krazy-8 and Emilio accuse Walt of being?DEA agent
In season three, Walter tries to kiss which character at his school?Carmen
What is the title of the season three finale?Full Measure
Which actress plays the role of Walt's wife Skyler White?Anna Gunn
What was the name of the man who Skyler cheats on Walter with?Ted Beneke
In the first season, Walter learns that Krazy-8's father owns what kind of store?Furniture
What was the name of Jesse's aunt whom he moved in with and took care of until she died of lung cancer?Jenny
Which actor plays the role of Gustavo Fring?Giancarlo Esposito
A student defaced one of Walt's missing posters, what does it read now?I'm missing my pants
How does Walt prevent Hank from obtaining a warrant to enter the RV?Says Marie's been hurt
What is the name of the single which Jesse's band perform?Fallacies
What is the name of Hanks DEA partner?Steven Gomez
Who is both creator and producer of the Breaking Bad TV series?Vince Gilligan
In "Breakng Bad", what is the nickname of Jesse's friend Pete?Skinny
In season 5 of the Breaking Bad who does Walt recruit as his new lab assistant after Jesse quites?Todd
What fake surname does Jesse give Jane when trying to rent an apartment?Jackson
Who calls Walt and Jesse Mr. Clean and his boy?Tuco Salamanca
What is the name of the Pest Control company used as a front for Jesse and Walter's mobile lab?Vamonos Pest Control
What does Gus say to Jesse and Walt after killing Victor?Get back to work!
In season three, Hank brutally beats which character?Jesse
In the second season, which character wants to kill Tuco with a gun?Jesse
Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is known for his role in which family comedy series?Malcolm in the Middle
What is the name of Jesse Pinkman's little brother?Jake Pinkman
In season two, which character kills Tuco?Hank
Who says this of Jesse and Walt: "You two suck at peddling meth"?Saul
In season three, Skler has an affair with which character?Ted
In season three, Gus says that he does not believe that what "is an effective motivator"?Fear
What is the name of Jesse's younger brother?Jake Pinkman
In "Breaking Bad", what does Walter use to strangle Krazy-8?A bike lock
What 2 elements from the periodic table make up the title Breaking Bad?Bromie + Barium
For Walt's 50th birthday, what does Sklyer arrange on his plate to spell 50?Veggie bacon
Who shot Combo?Tomas
Who said: "Sitting around, smoking marijuana, eating Cheetos and masturbating do not constitute "plans"?Walter White
In season three, Jesse repeatedly calls the cell phone of which character to hear their voice mail?Jane
Mike saves the money he makes for his granddaughter, what is her name?Kaylee
When he's parked outside Saul's office who smashes Walt's windshield with a chunk of concrete?Jesse
In 1961-62, what Celtic finished 8th in the MVP voting?Bob Cousy

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