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British History Trivia QuestionAnswer
In the 1890s, who was heir presumptive to be Duke of Marlborough?Winston Churchill
Born in West Belfast in 1948, what former bartender led Sinn Fein into peace talks with the British in the 1990s?Gerry Adams
Cinaed mac Ailpin may be better known as Kenneth I, who legend holds as what place's first king?Scotland
Jenny Jerome was born in Palmyra, New York. Her son was born in Blenheim Palace in 1874. Who was her son?Winston Churchill
How did Sir Walter Raleigh die?Executed
Which of the following was a notorious highwayman?Dick Turpin
Who was the first Tudor king of England?Henry VII
To what house does Twentieth century British royalty belong?Windsor
Used to describe the ancient people of Ireland, how is "Celtic" pronounced?KEL-tik
In which year did work first commence on the Channel Tunnel, to join England and France?1881
In 2005, what high-ranking Briton shocked the nation when he showed up at a party as a Nazi, complete with swastika arm band?Prince Harry
What British party was formed form a loose coalition of Whigs in the House of Lords and Radicals in the Commons?Liberal
Henry and Edward have been the most popular names among British monarchs. How many of each have there been?8
Who was prime minister of Britian through most of World War II?Winston Churchill

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