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Britney Spears Trivia QuestionAnswer
In what year did Britney Spears commence The Onyx Hotel Tour?2004
What color eyes does Britney Spears have?Brown
What network did Britney have a reality show on?UPN
On which UK morning chat show did Britney Spears appear in February 2004?GMTV
What was the only single to be released from Britney Spears' album "The Singles Collection" in October 2009?3
In 2001, Britney Spears' album "Britney" debuted at No. 1 in the US Music Charts, replacing which artist?Michael Jackson (Invincible)
How many top ten US Billboard singles came from the "Femme Fatale" album?3
For which company did Britney Spears design a clothing line in 2010?Candie's
What was the lead single released from Britney Spears' 2008 studio album "Circus"?Womanizer
How many years were there between the release of Britney Spears' album "Circus" in 2008 and her next album "Femme Fatale"?Three
How many Grammy nominations has Britney received?8
Which female artist's song was originally written for Britney andd when released became a global hit?Lady Gaga (Telephone)
Which one of the Britney Spears' songs featured in the soundtrack of the 2004 buddy cop movie White Chicks?I Got That (Boom Boom)
How many shows in total did Britney Spears perform on her 1999 "…Baby One More Time" debut tour?56
In what year did Britney Spears top Forbes' list as the World's Most Powerful Celebrity?2002
How many fragrances has Britney Spears released in her "Fantasy" range up to 2013?Seven
What was the third single from the "Circus" Album?If U Seek Amy
What is the name of Britney's Las Vegas residency?Britney: Piece of Me
What is Britney Spears' favorite treat?Chocolate
Britney Spears' voice is classified as what?Soprano
What is the name of the song Britney recorded for the Smurfs 2?Ooh La La

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