Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Trivia QuestionAnswer
What volume did Kendra tell Giles she read in about the Order of Taraka?6
What gift does the original slayer say she has?Death
Which actress was originally cast for the role of Cordelia Chase?Sarah Michelle Gellar
Eliza Dushku played the role of which character?Faith
In what year did Angel become a vampire?1753
What demon did Giles and Ethan summon in their youth?Eyghon
Which character has been practicing witchcraft since Buffy left?Willow
What did Xander give to Cordelia for Valentine's day?A necklace
What happened to Willow's pet fish?Angel killed them
In which episode does Angel return to Sunnydale after spending 100 years in hell?Faith, Hope & Trick
Who was called as a substitute when in 1997 when Buffy died at the hands of the Master?Kendra
In which season 2 episode does Xander go undercover on the swimming team?Go Fish
What is the name of Drusilla's favorite doll?Miss Edith
What is the name of Mayor Wilkins wife?Edna May
Which of the cast members has a twin?Nicholas Brendon
What is Angel's full name?Angelus
Who does Buffy ask to give her away?Giles
Before coming to Sunnydale, who was Kendra's Watcher?Mr. Zabuto
What villain was in "Bad Girls", the episode in which Faith killed Allan?Balthazar
What is the name of the anointed one?Collin
How many seasons were made?7

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