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Business Trivia QuestionAnswer
Originally established as a pulp mill, what company shares its name with the Finnish word for the pine marten weasel?Nokia
What do these letters on US coins tell you? C CC D O P S or WWhere the coin was minted
According to Cecil Adams and "The Straight Dope," at $350 billion per pound, what is the most expensive thing in the world?Californium-252
Created by Tiger Electronics, what was Poo-Chi?A robot dog
In 1933, Standard Oil of California co-founded Aramco with what country's royal family?Saudi Arabia
Frank Winfield Woolworth's name carries on, primarily, in what business?Retail
What company built the world's tallest building in Chicago in the 1970s, only to move out of it in the 1970s?Sears
Known for compiling jokes and puns, Bennett Cerf also founded what company?Random House
Founded in 1910 as the Sperry Gyroscope Company, what did Sperry originally make?Aviation nativation
Founded as a water company under Napoleon III, what French corporation acquired Universal Studios?Vivendi
What chain was once called Children's Bargain Town?Toys R Us
Like a Victrola for the road! Motorola was founded based on what Paul Galvin innovation?Car radio
Which corporation introduced the first low-cost VCR, as well as the Betamax tapes to play on them?Sony
What was the first known American chain store, dating to 1859?A&P
What company did Google fail to buy in 2010, and not because 49 other people failed to sign on to activate the deal?Groupon
What company introduced the Lumia in 2011, a smartphone whose name unfortunately means "hooker" in Spanish?Nokia
Who wrote The Wealth of Nations from the British Coffee House, which he also used as his post office?Adam Smith
An Iranian-born US entrepreneur named Anousheh Ansari also achieved what first?First female space tourist
In 2008, Microsoft pulled its ad campaign featuring Bill Gates and what 1990s star, whom they'd paid $10 million?Jerry Seinfeld
Apart from governments, what is the largest organisation in the world?Catholic Church
Acclaim made headlines when it offered to put ads on headstones. What does Acclaim do?Make videogames
Faith Plotkin's Italian boss never could pronounce "Plotkin," so she changed her name to what gastronomical alternative?Popcorn
What company was originally called Enteron before it realized their name meant "intestine"?Enron
What Communist country introduced a series of market reforms called doi moi?Vietnam
What is the "Product of Arthur Meyerhoff"?A cooking spray
What of these is not one of the M's in 3M?Metallurgy
What chain did John Mackey found in Austin, Texas, in 1978 as SaferWay?Whole Foods Market
What is NOT a tax-deferred investment plan?DSP
What country exports the most oil to the United States?Canada
What was the first Chia Pet, back in 1982?Ram
Since 1845, Casa del Habano in Cuba has been a world leader in what product?Cigars
What country pursued a growth strategy called abenonics, named for its prime minister?Japan
Emerson Moser made 1.4 billion crayons in his 37-year career with Crayola. What did he confess when he retired in 1990?He was blue-green colorblind
Chevron used to be known as Standard Oil of which state?California
Notorioius NYC PR Lizzie Grubman has a powerful father, Allen Grubman. Who was he?The #1 entertainment lawyer
What is the nickname of the Golden Resources New Yansha Mall?Great mall of China
Benjamin Hirsch, who created the chocolate-covered banana, also invented what chelonian product in 1941?Turtle Wax
US Army Private Harlan Sanders is best known under what other, entirely honorary, rank?Colonel
Why did Paul Ofalea name his Santa Barbara photocopy shop "Kinko's"?His nickname was Kinko
Argh, matey. What fashion accessory was worn by both the shirt-selling Hathaway Man and the bubblegum-selling Bazooka Joe?Eyepatch
Founded in 1927, what do the letters in the corporate name JVC stand for?Japan Victor Company
What company did Reed Hastings found after paying $40 in late fees on a VHS tape of Apollo 13?Netflix

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