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Celebrities Trivia QuestionAnswer
Leah Rimini is going to be on the new DWTS seaon in 2013, who was in the audience to support her?Jennifer Lopez
What is Prince William bringing to the Buckingham Palace for the first time in history?Soccer
What show is Demi Lovato a judge on?X Factor
What horror movie is heading towards a $40 million plus opening?Insidious 2
Who got invited personally by Britney Spears to listen to her newest single, in 2013?Perez Hilton
What did Billy Ray Cyrus say about Miley when he finally broke the silence after her VMA performance in 2013?She is still my little girl
What Hollywood hotspot were Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross spotted coming out of in 2013?Hooray Henry's
What did Beyonce do to her hair in late 2013?Got a Pixie cut
What "Glee" star is going to be playing CW's flash?Grant Gustin
Which rapper will appear on Miley's album "Bangerz"?Nelly
Celine Dion's home in Jupiter Island, FL was placed on the market for what amount of money?$72 million
Celebrity Nicole Polizzi aka "Snooki" stars in which MTV show?Jersey Shore
How many clothing lines does Luren Conrad now have, as of 2013?2
After "Liz & Dick" tanked, who was shopping around for a career-boosting sitcom in the 2012?Lindsay Lohan
Who was crowned as Miss America of 2013?Nina Davuluri
What young Hollywood couple called it quits for good in 2013?Miley and Liam
What has Lamar Odom blamed the Kardashian family for?Leaking his drug struggle

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