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Chemistry Trivia QuestionAnswer
What chemical element was named for the inventor of the cyclotron?Lawrencium
Chalcocite is a valuable ore of what metal, particularly from now depleted mines in Cornwall, England and Bristol, Connecticut?Copper
What element, the first one found through spectrum analysis, was named for its “sky blue” spectrum lines?Cesium
Chemically naphthalene is C 10 H 8 . What do you call it?Mothballs
Mn is the chemical symbol for which element?Manganese
With a half-life of 5,730 years, what carbon isotope is used to date fossils?Carbon-14
Which is the lightest element, with an atomic weight of 1.008?Hydrogen
Which of these fruits does NOT contain citrus acid?Mango
What is the common name for sodium chloride?Salt
Deuterium and tritium have neutrons in their nucleus, but protion doesn’t. What is the more common name for protion?Hydrogen
Pour iodine on food. If it turns blue, what kind of food do you have?Starch
Which is an insulator, but a good conductor of heat used in electric iron box?Mica
A solid which changes directly to a gaseous state without passing through liquid state is called?Sublimation
The element ytterbium was nearly called aldebaranium, named in honor of something other than a Swedish town. What?A star in Taurus
Aqua regia, a mixture of fuming, corrosive acids of what can dissolve almost all metals, including gold?HNO 3 & HCl
What are normally the sweet smelling compounds found in perfumes and fruit flavours?Esters
Which of these chemicals removes odors from refrigerators?Sodium bicarbonate
What is the only chemical element named for a New Zealander?Rutherfordium
Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane is quite a poisonous mouthful. What is it usually called?DDT
What were the elements cerium and palladium named for?Asteroids
Abbreviated as Hg, what element was called hydragyrum, meaning “liquid silver”?Mercury
Until World War I, where did we get most of our potassium?From wood ash
Which is the most common element other than water (H & O) and common salt (NaCl) in Sea water?Magnesium
You can be adamant that the name for what gem comes from the Greek word for invincible?Diamond
You may see C 12 H 22 O 11 every day. What is it?Table sugar
What are cocaine, morphine, caffeine strychnine, the types of ?Alkaloid
What does “N” stand for in DNAs and RNAs?Nucleic
What is the PH value of acidic solution at 25°C?Less than 7.0
What is the chemical formula for common table salt?NaCl
Thulium was named Thule, the Roman name for what spot, where Per Teodor Cleve found it in 1879?Scandinavia
Once obtained by distilling animal hooves and horns, and sometimes called alkaline air, what gas’s chemical formula is NH 3 ?Ammonia
If you wanted to mine an ore called bauxite, what would you be looking for?Aluminum
What is the only chemical element named for an Italian?Fermium
Which of these is a slow reaction that takes some days?Corrosive reaction
In its pure form, what metal is the most malleable and ductile?Gold
What color is chlorine gas?Greenish yellow
For what pair are the elements tellurium and selenium named?The Earth and the Moon
Which of these fuel is heaver and oiler?Diesel
Which chemical is used to preserve food grains?Sodium Benzoate
Which is a lighter non-flammable gas used in Balloons and airships?Helium
The element lutetium was named by French chemist Georges Urbain, who was inspired by the Latin name for what world capital?Paris
What element is the only one known that occurs, not on Earth, but in outer space, especially in the spectra of supernovaeCalifornium
The formula H 2 O means an atom of water contains two parts hydrogen and one part which element?Oxygen
Which of these elements is obtained from sea weeds?Vanadium
What metal element is the only liquid you can handle without getting wet (not that you would want to be touching it)?Mercury
Superman would fear what rare, well-hidden gas, whose name comes from the Greek for “hidden”?Krypton
Which of these alloys is used for making magnets?Alnico
Which is used as local anesthetic, makes a specific part of the body numb?Lignocaine
Which was used as a local anesthetic and an early ingredient in Coca-Cola?Cocaine
Don’t be too depressed about this, but at room temperature, what is the lightest solid element (in terms of density)?Lithium
What is the only chemical element named for a married couple?Curium
Typically, at room temperature, only two elements are liquid. One is mercury. What is the other?Bromine
A photon is a unit of electromagnetic energy. What similar word is a tiny packet of sound?Phonon
What is the compound of an acid and base called?Salt
Which element forms more compounds than all the other elements combined?Carbon
Getting its name from the Latin word charcoal, what element is symbolized on the periodic table by the letter C?Carbon
Alphabetically, what is the first element with a single-letter chemical symbol?Boron
All of these are colloid, but which one is an emulsion?Homogenized milk
Which among these is a rich source for Vitamin A?All of these
On the periodic table, only two elements before lead are always radioactive. One is technetium. What is the other?Promethium
What substance is added in small quantities to the water supplies, to prevent tooth decay?Fluoride
What is the chemical symbol of the element with the shortest English name?Sn
Also an active ingredient in enemas, which element’s compounds are used in pyrotechnics, petroleum mining and radiology?Barium
Sodium hydroxide is known by what name, derived in part from the Greek and Latin words for “to burn”Caustic soda
Where are you most likely to encounter monosodium glutamate?In a Chinese restaurant
Which of the following chemical elements has the highest melting point?Carbon
Colorful iridium gets its name from the Latin iris, in reference to what colorful item?Rainbow
Darmstadtium and hassium are named for places in what country?Germany
What is the simplest phenol known as phenol derived from benzene commonly known as?Carbolic acid
Methane, butane, ethane and propane are made with what two elements?Carbon and hydrogen
Which is the costliest metal among these?Iridium
Which radio active element is the major source of nuclear energy?Uranium
We discovered radium and polonium. What element is named for us?Curium
Also known as marsh gas, what is the main component of natural gas?Methane
Diamond, graphite and charcoal are all forms of which element?Carbon
What is the name of the plastic explosive the Czech Republic made to be safe to handle, smell less and difficult to trace?Semtex
What is a product formulated to protect decorate surfaces which has three ingredients – pigments, polymers and a solvent?Paint
The first artificial element was created in Italy in 1937, by a pair of Italian chemists. What was it?Technetium
What attributes to repetition of short circuit if an electric fire is doused with?Water
What is the chemical symbol for Antimony?Sb
The elements with properties which are in between those of metals and non-metals are called?Metalloid
By what name is magnesium sulfate heptahydrate known, for the town in Surrey, England, where it was used in mineral springs?Epsom salts
Which is the only substance to exist naturally on the earth in all three states – gas, liquid & solid?Water
Which is the basic unit of all states of matter?Atom
What element not only strengthens glass, but kills cockroaches and makes clothes cleaner?Chlorine
Halogens get their name from the idea that form salts. Which of these is not a halogen?Childofmine
What is the only radioactive noble gas, one that actually is responsible for most of your exposure to radiation?Radon
Carbon has three common allotropes, one of which is amorphous carbon. Which of these is an example of amorphous carbon?Charcoal
What is the only continent with a chemical element named for it?Europe
First isolated in 1808 by Humphry Davy, what element is found in lime, cement, milk and teeth?Calcium
Which natural element has the high melting point of 3,400°C?Tungsten
Roughly what percentage of the known chemical elements are metals?75
Used mainly to make fertilizer, what extremely corrosive material is known scientifically as H 2 SO 4 ?Sulfuric acid
If something is 18/8, it’s 18% chromium and 8% nickel. What is it?Stainless steel
Which among these is a common salt we use?Sodium Chloride
What is the rarest gas?Xenon
They say no two snowflakes are alike, but all snowflakes are alike chemically. What is the chemical formula for a pure snowflake?H 2 O
What element means green blood for sea squirts and sea cucumbers, since they use it instead of iron in their blood cells?Vanadium
Detected by the Marsh test, what dangerous element gets its name from the Persian for “yellow orpiment”?Arsenic
What are the different forms of the same elements, however in the same physical state known as?Allotropic form
CaCO 3 is calcium carbonate. Which of these is not?Baking soda
Which element gets its chemical symbol for “natrium”, its Latin name?Sodium
What metal can you make softer by increasing the amount of copper and decreasing the amount of Zinc?Brass
Gun powder is a mixture of which two fuels with an oxidant – potassium nitrate?Carbon and sulphur
A lab at Darmstadt discovered darmstadtium, roentgenium and copernicium. Where is Darmstadt?Germany
Antoine Henri Becquerel discovered radioactivity by accident, when what element blackened a photographic plate?Uranium
What do most elements discovered since 1940 have in common?Decay quickly
Which is the parent material of stainless steel?Iron
What’s the first element on the periodic table?Hydrogen
Once confused with lead, what hard-to-magnetize element expands when solidifying?Bismuth
What group of chemicals can you remember with the mnemonic “Heaven never asked Kriegspiel’s extra rent”?Rare gases
Which of these is an example of a form of cohesion called surface tension?A soap bubble
Benzene forms in rings that make it especially aromatic. What does this mean?It is especially stable
Usually produced through the Hock process, what colorless, flammable liquid is known chemically as CH 3 COCH 3 ?Acetone
What is the acid chemical constituent of the analgesic drug “Aspirin”?Salicylic acid
How do you pasteurize something?Raise its temperature
What element, whose name comes from the Greek for “stone”, is used to make cell phone and camera batteries?Lithium
Which is the hardest among all other substances on the earth with a Mohs scale of 10?Diamond
There are two types of hadrons. You got your baryons, and you got your mesons. Which of these is a meson instead of a baryon?Pion
Which glass is used to make oven, Ware and Laboratory glass ware?Borosilicate glass
What are you most likely to do with C 12 H 22 O 11 ?Add it to your coffee
The number varies, depending on what you count, but roughly how many chemical elements occur naturally in nature?80-90
Platinum got its name because it was found in the same mines as something else. What?Silver
Antoine Lavoisier named what tetravalent metalloid for the Latin for “flint”?Silicon
Sometimes abbreviated D, deuterium is an isotope of what element?Hydrogen
What is the only country with two elements on the periodic table named for it?France
Which color flame burns hottest?Blue
What is the only chemical element named for a Dane?Bohrium
What are the compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen called?Carbohydrates
Strontium was named indirectly for Strontian, whose name is Gaelic for “nose of the fairies”. Where is Strontian?Scotland
What is the common name for acetaldehyde (CH3,CHO)?Ethanal
Electrum is an alloy of gold and what other metal?Silver
Extracted from seawater, what is the only nonmetallic element that’s liquid at room temperature?Bromine
An electroplating process called galvanization uses what metal to prevent rusting?Zinc
Ti is the chemical symbol for which element?Titanium
Which is the most common gas in the atmosphere?Nitrogen
Melted to join metallic surfaces, solder is an alloy of lead and what other element?Tin
Rhodium is named, not for the flower, but from the Greek word for the color of its powder. What color is that?Rose
Relatively speaking, what is element #99 on the periodic table?Einsteinium
Deuterium and Tritium are the isotopes of which gases element?Hydrogen
The “transuranium” elements are those with an atomic number greater than of uranium. What is this number?92
On the Mohs scale the hardest substance is diamond – what’s the softest?Talcum powder
Acids and bases often cancel each other out. What does this leave behind?Salts
What gas was leaked from union carbide’s factory in Bhopal Gas therapy?Methylisocyanate
Gallium, bismuth, antimony and silicon share what unique quality with water?They expand when they freeze
What was hydrochloric acid (HCl) formerly known as?Spirits of salts
What do all alkenes contain?Carbon
Which of these is an organic compound instead of an element?Alcohol
Which of these substances requires the least energy to increase its temperature by 1°C?Gold
What is the naturally occurring mineral known as?Ore
The boiling point of sea water is more than that of pure water because of … ?All of these
Reflecting 95% if the light that hits it, what element is the most lustrous metal?Silver
Created as limestone erodes, calcium oxide is CaO. What else is it called?Quicklime
What potassium compound, originally called potassium carbonate, did we originally get by leaching wood ashes?Potash
Which is a narcotic drug obtained from opium, used in cough mixture?Codeine
Based on their chemical symbols, which of these elements comes first alphabetically?Silver
What is the oxidation of metals burning in air called as?Calcination
It’s molecular formula is C 2 H 5 OH. It’s empirical formula is C 2 H 6 O. What would you most likely do with it?Drink it
What metal would you find you most likely extract from pitchblende?Uranium
What element has the lowest melting point of any element?Helium
Prolonged inhalation of what causes the lung cancer?Asbestos
Such alloys as bronze, brass, sterling silver and pewter all use what element?Copper
When Scottish chemist Joseph Black decomposed chalk and limestone, he got “fixed air”. What do we call it?Carbon dioxide
After discovering nine elements, UC Berkeley was shocked when a lab in Dubna found Element 104. Where is Dubna?Russia
U 3 O 8 is a solid form of uranium oxide. By what name is the chemical more commonly called?Yellowcake
DHA, or dihydroxyacetone, is the active ingredient in which beauty process?Sunless tanning
Because of its large valence shell and relatively low effective nuclear charge, what element has the biggest atoms, by volume?Cesium
Jons Jacob Berzelius not only identified silicon, selenium, thorium and cerium, he also developed what system?Chemical symbols
Despite being the most common metal in the earth’s crust what is never found as free metal?Aluminum
How many carats in pure gold?24
Per Teodor Cleve discovered holmium, which gets its name from the Latin word for his hometown. Where was this?Stockholm
What kind of colloid is smoke?Aerosol
Whose 1798 work “Elements of Chemistry” was the first scientific list of elements?Antoine Lavoisier
What is the chemical symbol for gold on the periodic table?Au
What is the scientific name for laughing gas?Nitrous oxide
What is the combination of two or more metals known as?Alloy
Hydrogen is the first element on the periodic table. What is the second?Helium
Which of the following contains between 10% and 15% tetrahydrocannibol?Hashish
Used to make matches, what was the first element to be chemically discovered, back in 1669 by Hennig Brand?Phosphorus
What chemical element is found in every acid?Hydrogen
You used litmus paper in chemistry class, but where does litmus itself come from?Lichens
Friedrich Serturner extracted what drug from the opium poppy, intending it as a treatment for opium addicts and alcoholics?Morphine
Any medical treatment with synthetic chemicals against infectious disease is known as?Chemotherapy
Which is the common element present in all acids?Hydrogen
What element, at atomic number 1, is therefore the “top of the charts”, where the periodic table is concerned?Hydrogen
According to Charles’s Law, what is directly proportional to the absolute temperature of a fixed amount of gas?Volume
Of the ten elements known in the ancient world, which on may have been named for Cyprus, where it was extensively mined?Copper
What is NOT a particle that makes up an atom?Astron
A substance that reacts with a basic to form salt and water is called what?Acid
Chromium was named because it’s so colorful, and chlorine was named because it is often one particular color. Which one?Yellowish green
It comes from an Asian evergreen and it’s known for its smell. We use it in Vicks VapoRub to suppress coughing. What is it?Camphor
The periodic table is based on the atomic number of the elements. But what is the atomic number based on?Protons
Sand mainly consists of what?Quartz
A white metal that burns in water, plus a poisonous green gas, combine to make what substance?Table salt
What California city gave its name to an artificially created radioactive metallic element, #97 on the periodic table?Berkeley
If you were a platinum blond whose hair was actually spun from platinum, what color would it be?Silvery-white
Gold, silver, zinc and aluminum all have roughly the same number on the Mohs scale. What is it?2.5
What are biological compounds which are soluble in organic solvents but insoluble in water?Lipids
Na is the chemical symbol for which element?Sodium
What gets formed by the mixture of soap with the calcium and magnesium ions found in hard water?Bathtub rings
To make a tincture of something, what will that something have to be dissolved into?Alcohol
How many elements are estimated to occur naturally on the earth?92
Argon is named for one of its properties. If you were nicknamed Argon for the same reason, what would you be?Inactive
What letter is the SI symbol for electric charge?Q
What egg-thickened dairy dessert is also a non-Newtonian diluted fluid that becomes harder as you put more pressure on it?Custard
What is the chemical symbol for Potassium?K
What is magnesium silicate usually called?Asbestos
What element’s symbol is Fe, from the Latin word “ferrum”?Iron
Which is used as an anti-freezable in automobile engines?Ethanol
Discovered in 1789, what element did Martin Heinrich Klaproth name for a planet?Uranium
What is the name of the alloy with mercury with other metals?Amalgam
Which of these suffixes would indicate a compound with the fewest oxygen atoms?Ite
What subatomic particle gets its name from the Greek for “first”?Proton
When heated, baking soda releases carbon dioxide, which leavens baked goods. But what is the chemical formula of baking soda?NaHCO3
What are aerosols mostly made up of?CFCs
Which metal is not paired with the color it produces in a flame test?Barium – black
From the French for “hydrogen power”, what does knowing something’s pH tell you?How acidic it is
What pseudoplastic condiment exhibits shear thinning, in which viscosity decreases with increasing rate of shear stress?Ketchup
What is the common name for trichloromethane a substance used as an anaestethic and solvent?Chloroform
Which metal is a liquid at room temperature, used in thermometers?Mercury
On the scale of acid and base, pure water is neutral. What is the pH of water?7
Urine is fluorescent, meaning that it glows in the dark under what kind of “black” light?Ultraviolet light
What is a chemical which fixes a dye to the fibres of a textile called?Mordant
By what other name is sucrose commonly known?Cane sugar
We usually mix metals to create alloys. Which alloy is 70% copper and 30% tin?Bronze
A little bit, in pills, helps heart patients. A lot, in dynamite, blows stuff up. What?Nitroglycerin
What three letters are found at the end of names of all five halogen elements?INE
What is the lightest gas?Hydrogen
K is the chemical symbol for which element?Potassium
Mg is the chemical symbol for which element?Magnesium
What element not only protects metal from rust, but protects you from dandruff and is the active ingredient in calamine?Zinc
Which is the synthetic radioactive metallic element that provides powers to the orbiting satellite?Curium
What is a process of obtaining pure water from sea water or other sources of water called?Desalination
What chemical was discovered accidentally by James Schlatter in 1965, when he was testing an anti-ulcer drug?Aspartame
What is the term for oil, straight from an oil well called?Crude oil
Which is the rarely available element on the earth’s surface?Astatine
What is the name for hydride of nitrogen (NH 3 )?Ammonia
How is a toxic substance like carbon monoxide (CO)emitted by motor vehicles on roads and does NOT harm lives immediately?All of these
When a base neutralizes an acid, what is left over?Salt and water
What type of cells are lighter in weight, used in mobile phones and notebook computers?Lithium cells
Didymium separated into praseodymium and neodymium, two new elements. Where did the name “didymium” come from?The Greek for “twin”
Which of these subatomic particles is the heaviest?Neutron
Infamous for its persistent garlic smell, what is the only element that can bind chemically to gold?Tellurium
Among the ten most expensive metals on Earth, what was also the last stable naturally occurring stable element to be discovered?Rhenium
2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid is better known as 2,4-D. What is it typically used for?To kill weeds and pests
Bromine and osmium were both named from the Greek and Latin, respectively, for something they have in common. What?They smell bad
How many elements have one-letter chemical symbols?14
Which uranium isotopes are formed and is used as a fuel in nuclear reactions to produce electrical energy?U235
What element makes up most of the weight of water and about half the weight of most rocks?Oxygen
Dirk Coster and Georg von Hevesy discovered hafnium in 1923 in what city, whose Latin name is Hafnia?Copenhagen
In several languages, such as German, Russian and Japanese, the word for “oxygen” includes the word for what item?Acid
Apart from Carbon and Tungsten, which element has the melting point of 3,000°C and above?Rhenium
What is the main compound of a glass?Sand(Silica)
What would somebody most likely use C 3 N 3 H 5 0 9 for?To blow stuff up
Named for particle accelerator pioneer, element #103 was symbolized Lw before 1963 and Lr after. What is it?Lawrencium
Which is the highest poisonous extract of ‘opium’?Thebaine
Normal steel reacts with the oxygen in water to create an unstable film of iron oxide and hydroxide. What happens next?It rusts
Which element has the largest number of isotope- 27 and 5000 of radioactive as radium?Polonium
How is carbon-14 put to use?To date ancient artifacts
Found by Hennig Brand in his urine, while trying to prepare gold from silver, what element is symbolized by the letter P?Phosphorus
Although not official, the three isotopes of hydrogen also have symbols. Which of these is not one of them?Q for quadrivium
What is the term of water vapour present in the atmospheric air known as?Humidity
Which is also known as “MILK OF MAGNESIA” used as an antacid to neutralize the stomach acids?Magnesium Hydroxide
Which of these would best describe turbid water?Muddy
Used in matches, explosives and fireworks by what name is potassium nitrate (KNO 3 ) better known?Saltpeter
The element samarium was named for samarskite, which in turn is named for Vasili Samarsky-Bykhovets. Who was he?A Russian mine official
Of what does classic bronze consist?Copper and tin
What radioactive element was named for a planet discovered eight years before the element was?Uranium
Which element is an important constituent of bones and teeth?Calcium
Which is the heaviest element of all at 22.59g/cm³ at 20°C?Osmium
The total number of protons and neutrons in an atom is called its … ?Mass number
What is the barnyard name for crude iron that comes straight out of the blast furnace?Pig iron
C 3 H 5 N 3 O 9 is hard to transport because it explodes so easily what is it?Nitroglycerin
What is the process of heating up liquid into gas called as?Evaporation
Elements 57 to 71 hang off in a row below the rest of the periodic table. What are they called?Rare earths
What essential chemical element does salt contain?Sodium
What did the Romans call gold?Aurum
In 1940, a team at University of California, Berkeley, discovered the first transuranium element. What is it?Neptunium
Tin cans are typically made with what soft metal, which is shored up with some manganese?Aluminum
What does specific gravity measure?Density
What would you most likely do with C 8 H 18 ?Gas up your car with it
What is the chemical symbol for Tin?Sn
The chemical symbol of copper is what?Cu
What are the chemical messengers carried round the body in the blood stream called?Hormones
Ytterbium, yttrium, erbium and terbium are named for Ytterby in what country?Sweden
A chemical whose name ends in – one probably contains which element, whose name erroneously suggests that it forms acids?Oxygen
What element, the second least reactive of the halogens, is also the heaviest chemical element commonly used by living organisms?Iodine
What is the common name of mineral with mercury sulfide?Cinnabar
A mole is the amount of substance equal to the atoms in 12 grams of what isotope?Carbon-12
What university has two elements named for it?Berkeley
What light, silvery element was first used in foil wrap in the 1940s, and in the 1960s started to become popular in cans?Aluminum
As the story goes, how did Friedrich August von Kekule figure out the ring-like structure of benzene?It came to him in a dream
Also known as smack, what drug is processed from morphine?Heroin
The chemical element ruthenium was found in the Urals and named for Ruthenia, a name for what people’s homeland?Slavs
Thallium is named from the Greek thallos, in honor of its spectral emission lines. What does “thallos” mean?Green twig
Take two hydrogen atoms and attach them, 106° apart, to an oxygen atom. What do you get?Water
Which of these distinctive smells actually comes from hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S)?Rotting eggs
What element gets its name from the Latin word for “lime”, and indeed, does appear in limestone?Calcium
Which of these is not an element?Water
If you’ve been poisoned by tellurium, or if you’ve been eating too much Italian food, your breath might smell of what bulb root?Garlic
Because of its ultraviolet absorbing properties, what chemical compound is used in sun protection products?Zinc oxide
What acid is present in Vitamin C?Ascorbic acid
New elements usually have temporary symbols that start with what two letters?Uu
What chemical element on the periodic table was named for the guy who created the periodic table?Mendelevium
Where are you most likely to see something with the chemical formula Fe 2 O 3 ?On your car’s body
What highly toxic element (#4 on the periodic table) was once called glucinium, because its soluble components taste like sugar?Beryllium
Which of these is a natural polymer?Cellulose
Once discovered, a new alkali element will change the periodic table by adding an eighth row. What number will it be?119
What lab assistant was working with Robert Koch in 1877 when he found a new way to grow bacteria in gelatin?Julius Petri
Which state of matter has a definite shape because their molecules are tightly packed?Solid
What is deuterium oxide?Heavy water
Which is the most commonly used bleaching agent?Chlorine
Which is the substitute for costly radium, a radioactive isotope used in cancer therapy?Cobalt 60
What are the organic compounds formed by the reaction between an alcohol and an acid called?Ester
What is NOT a halogen – an extreme form of the non-metals among these?Sulfur
Named for Buckminster Fuller, buckminsterfullerene, also known as a buckyball, is an allotrope of what element?Carbon
What element was named for the Sun, although on Earth it occurs mostly due to underground radioactive decay?Helium
Physically and chemically, niobium is hard to tell apart from what other element, named for Niobe’s father?Tantalum
Plaster of Paris is made from what among these?Gypsum
What is the chemical symbol for Sodium?Na
Americium was named for both Americas. But what was the only element named for a single continent?Europium
What chemical will burn violently when mixed with water, but not at all in kerosene?Sodium
Found in both CFCs and in toothpaste, what pale yellow gas is the most reactive of all the elements?Fluorine
Which was the first element recognized and experimented to have radio active properties?Polonium
What would you need to move a cubic foot block of gold?A truck: it’s half a ton
Stainless steel must, by definition, contain at least 12% of what element, which stops rust at the microscopic level?Chromium
What element, mined in Germany, is named for a kind of goblin that was blamed for the substance’s impurities?Cobalt
Which of these has the highest rate of fuel values?Hydrogen
What are the three major nutrients need for plants, supplied through fertilizers?N-P-K
Which is the toxic substance in a leaded petrol, which can cause brain damage specially in children?Tetraethyl lead
What element gets its name from the Arabic for “gold like” although gold is much harder to find?Zirconium
Which substance can easily change from solid or liquid state to vapour is known as?Volatile
Sterling silver is 92.5 percent silver. What reddish metal usually makes up the other 7.5 percent?Copper
What would you most likely use CH 3 COCH 3 for?Removing fingernail polish
To make a classroom volcano, add some vinegar to what kitchen staple?Baking soda
Clemens Alexander Winkler discovered element #32 and named it for his homeland. What is it?Germanium
What is the only element with no neutrons in the nucleus?Hydrogen
What is the name of an enzyme that breaks down the proteins during digestion?Pepsin
What harmful waste product is produced when protein is broken down to provide energy?Ammonia
Gun metal is an alloy of how many percent of copper, tin and zinc in proportion?3.42363425926
What is the chemical symbol for Chromium?Cr
Your dentist would know this. By definition, an amalgam is an alloy that includes which other element?Mercury
What is the chemical symbol for iron?Fe
What is the chemical formula for benzene?C 6 H 6
What is the ratio of composition of gun powder – a mixture of potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulphur?3.13553240741
Which group of a periodic table has the most number of elements?Transition metals
Carbon has 6 protons and 6 neutrons, so it’s atomic number is 6 what is its nucleon number?12
Which is an aluminium alloy that consists of copper, manganese and magnesium usually used in the construction of air crafts?Duralumin
Add this to iron and you get steel. The more you add, the harder and stronger, but more brittle, it gets. What is it?Carbon
When said aloud, it sounds like something you’d say to call somebody over. What is the chemical symbol for gold?Au
What does “PH” an acidity measuring scale refers to?Power of hydrogen
Baking soda literally cleans the air by removing acidic or base smells. What is its pH?8.1
The principal ore of Sn is cassiterite, associated with Cornwall, England. What is Sn?Tin
Which of these is a soft silvery metallic alkali metal that is so reactive that it is often kept in kerosene?Potassium
Rather dangerously, what metal’s oxide, dioxide and acetate forms were used a sugar substitute to sweeten wine and other food?Lead
What is the heaviest inert gas?Radon
Which of these colors is considered achromatic?Gray
Where are you most likely to find an alkaloid called capsaicin?In spices
Two elements on the periodic table have names that end in “-ium”, but that aren’t metals. One is helium. What is the other?Selenium
Cooking gas LPG is a mixture of what?Butane & Propane
What element (#46 on the periodic table) shares its name with a London theater?Palladium
Now named for another element, what element was nearly called niton (Nt)?Radon
In chemistry, an amphoteric substance can exhibit one of two other contradictory properties. Which ones?Acid and base
What element is symbolized by a K, because it was named for “kalium”, the Arabic word for “alkali”?Potassium
Which is the common element found in charcoal, coal, granite and diamond?Carbon
How fast does the body start disposing of absorbed alcohol through oxidation and excretion?Immediately
The US Army developed N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide in 1946. Today it is sold as DEET. What do we use it for?Repel bugs
Panchromium, named because it was so colorful, was renamed vanadium, for Freya, aka Vanadis. Who was Vanadis?A Norse goddess
Plumbers worry about pipes made from what element, whose abbreviation is Pb from the Latin plumbum?Lead
What element is named for a US state or, more precisely, for a university in that state?Californium
What are the dispersion of a solid or liquid in a glass like smoke and fog?Aerosols
Three elements are highly magnetic. Which of these is not one of them?Aluminum
What is the study of carbon compounds known as?Organic Chemistry
Used in catalytic converters to reduce automobile emissions, what element is also added to gold to make it white gold?Platinum
What is the alternative name for rare – earth elements?Lanthanides
What do we call sold material that can flow and change shape over a long period?Plastic
All of these are colloids, but which one is an emulsion?Homogenized milk
Which metal has the major composition of 88% gunmetal, a type of bronze?Copper
Cast iron is 97% iron. What is the other 3%?Carbon
Curium is named for both Curies, so what element, #109, is the only one named for a woman?Meitnerium
For many of us, the morning just isn’t right until you’ve had a shot of C 8 H 10 N 4 O 2 aka trimethylxanthine. Where would you get it?From coffee
Organic chemistry is concerned with compounds containing which element?Carbon
Made from burnt camel dung, what gas did the Egyptians name for one of their gods?Ammonia
As opposed to helium, sulfur hexafluoride has what effect on the human body?Deepens the voice
Found in an ore called cinnabar, what element was named for a fleet-footed Roman god?Mercury
What poison is used to de-green impure glass, to harden lead and (until penicillin came along) to treat syphilis?Arsenic
Which is the lightest metal of all?Lithium(Li)
What gaseous element, found in ammonia, if fixed to other elements to form organic compounds?Nitrogen
Which is an extremely strong, flexible, fire-resistant polymer with low density, used to make bullet proof vests?Kevlar
Heiligenschein is also known as Cellini’s halo. You might see me with one under what conditions?Standing on dewy grass
The deficiency of what causes dehydration?Water
What wonderful smell is actually off-gassing of volatile organic compounds from vinyl and plastic?New cars
Which was the first synthetic plastic in the world?Bakelite
What are the open chain organic compounds called as?Aliphatic
Ir is the chemical symbol for which element?Iridium
Litmus paper turns what colour when in contact with an acid?Red
How many noble gases are there?Six
Lithium and tungsten were named for the Greek and Norse words for something. What?Stone
That’s one heavy particle. What particle makes up 99.95 of the mass of a hydrogen atom?Proton
Which of these has the lowest pH number, at 3?Lemon juice
Which is the cheapest commercial acid among these?Hydrochloric Acid
Which of these fictional heavy metal bands is actually named for a heavy metal?Mercury Rising
What name is often used for the d-block elements on the periodic table, which includes iron, cobalt, nickel and copper?Transition metals
Vermillion, a reddish orange pigment, once came from what mercury ore, found near volcanoes and hot springs?Cinnabar
It may sound like an oxymoron, but what is the most common rare earth, and in fact is more common than lead?Cerium
What does the acronym “CFC” refer to?Chlorofluorocarbon
The presence of what most corrosion-resistant element, is considered evidence that an asteroid impact destroyed the dinosaurs?Iridium
What is the melting point or freezing point of water?0°C
How many elements are named after the Universal planets including pluto?4
Which of these is a synonym for grain alcohol?Ethanol
Which among these is highly flammable and has to be stored under water or otherwise it catches fire?White phosphorous
Pig iron is obtained by smelting which of these iron ores?All of above
What is an oxide of hydrogen, also called as?Water
What volume of an atom is occupied by the nucleus?One quadrillionth
Which is the raw material to produce safety matches?Red Phosphorous
Which of these fibres is least prone to fire?Cotton
Which among these is also known as dry ice, or cardice?Solid carbon dioxide (CO 2 )
What gas is used in carbonated drinks such as soft drinks, sodas, and lemonades?Carbon dioxide
Which halide is a non-metallic element occur in liquid form?Bromine
What is the first letter of the alphabet not used as a chemical symbol for one of the elements?D
What non-malleable iron was made in the 17 th century by pouring molten metal into molds?Cast iron
What is an endothermic reaction in which the energy is taken from their surroundings?Evaporation

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