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Chess Trivia QuestionAnswer
In which country was the twenty eighth Chess Olympiad held in 1990?Yugoslavia
Who became World Champion in 1960?Mikhail Tal
Which opening move did Bobby Fisher describe as "best by test"?1. e4
What nationality is grandmaster Alexander Grischuk?Russian
Arpad Elo made what contribution to chess?Created a rating system
The year after becoming World Champion, where Anatoly Karpov placed in the USSR Championship?1st
How many individual squares are there along each edge of a chess board?8
Who was World Champion for 27 years between 1894 and 1921?Emmanuel Lasker
Which American became World Chess Champion in 1972?Bobby Fischer
What is the opening 1. e4 g6?Modern
Peter Svidler lost the 2012 Russian Championship playoff but how many titles had he already won?6
If a game has gone 1. g4 e6 2. f3 what is Black's best move?Qh4 (checkmate)
What is the opening 1. d4 f5?Dutch
What is it called when a pawn reaches the eighth rank but doesn't become a queen?Underpromotion
Born in 1963, who is the most successful chess player of all time?Garry Kasparov
What nationality is grandmaster Rustam Kasimdzhanov?Uzbekistani
In what year did Kasparov become World Champion?1985
Garry Kasparov only won the Russian Chess Championship on one occasion in which year?2004
Who played board 1 for the Rest of the World in the "Match of the Century"?Bent Larsen
In which country did former world challenger David Bronstein die?Belarus
Although there were 2 unofficial tournaments before, in which city was the first Chess Olympiad held?London

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