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Chicago Bulls Trivia QuestionAnswer
Against what team did Michael Jordan score the most points in a regular season game?Cleveland Cavaliers
Who has the second most assists in Bulls history?Scottie Pippen
How many times have Bulls players been voted the all-star game MVP?3
Who was the Bulls third leading scorer in 1991-92 season behind Jordan and Pippen?Horace Grant
Jordan was picked third in the 1984 draft, who was picked first that year?Hakeem Olajuwon
Who has the second most total points in Bulls history?Scottie Pippen
What Chicago Bull made the NBA's all defensive team in 1971-72?Jerry Sloan
What was Michael Jorgan's batting average in the minor leagues?0.202
Who was voted into the Australian Basketball Hall of Fame in 2006?Luc Longley
Who said about his dunks, "I know that when I'm in the air sometimes, I feel like I don't ever have to come down"?Michael Jordan
Who was the finals MVP in 1990-91Michael Jordan
Who has the most defensive rebounds in Bulls history?Michael Jordan
Who is the long time Bulls owner?Jerry Reinsdorf
Michael Jordan won the MVP voting in 1990-91? Who was second?Magic Johnson
What team did Scottie Pippen play for after the Bulls?Houston Rockets
Who did the Bulls draft with the third pick in the draft in 2004?Ben Gordon
What Florida college did Bulls Center Artis Gilmore attend?Jacksonville
Who did the Bulls pick with the overall number one pick in the 1999 draft?Elton Brand
What former Bull first round draft choice has the second most three point field goals in team history?Ben Gordon
Who has hit the third most free throws in Bulls history?Chet Walker
What team was Tom Thibodeau the assistant coach before becoming coach of the Bulls?Boston Celtics
What is the second most points Michael Jordan ever scored in a regular season game?64
Who is 11th all time in rebounds in the playoffs?Dennis Rodman
What two Bulls played on the 1992 U.S. Olympic Dream Team?Jordan and Pippen
Who was named Mr. Illinos Basketball for 2006-2007Derrick Rose
Who created the triangle offense that was used so effectively by Phil Jackson with the Bulls?Tex Winter
What team did Bob Love play for before the Bulls?Milwaukee Bucks

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