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Children's Literature Trivia QuestionAnswer
What sort of animal is Mrs Tiggy Winkle, as was the Beatrix Potter pet who inspired the character?Hedgehog
Some Pig! Who was the pig spared from becoming pork roast in "Charlotte's Web"?Wilbur
What does a parrot named Polynesia teach Dr. John Dolittle?To talk to the animals
Who had seven "lost" children's stories published in 2011, in a collection called "The Bippolo Seed"?Dr. Seuss
Sharing its name with a Caribbean island, what was the name of the ship in Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island"?Hispaniola
Caractacus Potts buys and restores what beat up old racecar?Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Key Winter's kids book "The Boy Who Loved Books" was about what book-loving future president?Abraham Lincoln
The heffalump lives in an enchanted forest below whose house?Christopher Robin
In books, Harry Potter attends a school that specializes in what subject?Magic
What fictional family had two sets of twins: Freddie and Flossie, and Nan and Bert?Bobbsey family
Who was John Grisham's Theodore Boone character?Kid Lawyer
There is speculation that what rhyme is a reference to Jesus Christ, aka Agnus Dei, who is sinlessly white?Mary Had a Little Lamb
What is the full name of the young protagonist in the story of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"?Charlie Bucket
Who gave us the tortoise and the hare, the ant and the grasshopper, and the wholf in sheep's clothing?Aesop
What Anna Sewell book was originally distributed to advance the Massachusetts SPCA?Black Beauty
James Fenimore Cooper's five-book "Leatherstocking Tales" depict what historical event?
Which of the following is NOT a childrens author?Michael Crichton
What was the name of Scrooge's late business partner, whose ghost comes to visit in "A Christmas Carol"?Marley
John Tenniel, a cartoonist for Punch, is best known for illustrating what writer's works?Lewis Carroll
Also the Latin name for bread, what is the home to the characters in "The Hunger Game"?Panem
Fee-fi-fo-fum. The giant smells the blood of what Englshman?Jack
In the nursery rhyme, who went up the clock?The mouse
As Roald Dahl tells it, a boy named James crawls inside what giant fruit?Peach
What famous kid's story takes place at the Zuckerman Farm in Maine?Charlotte's Web

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