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Classic Games Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who was NOT an evil character in "Q*Bert"?Scragg
In 1985, Shigeru Miyamoto produced "The Legend of Zelda". What was the other title produced that year?Super Mario Bros
Otason, Howard, Ninten, Lance, Alex, and Tony are default player names in what game?Tetris
Who is the final boss of the first "Final Fantasy" game?Chaos
Which Greek mythology themed game featured the lead character Pit?Kid Icarus
In what 1983 game did you play a bartender for some very thirsty customers?Tapper
What 1988 NES game has also gone by the names Wonder Boy, Monster World and Revenge of Drancon?Adventure Island
In "Duck Hunt", how many shots per turn does the shooter get to shoot down ducks?Three
What 1980 game had you navigating simple mazes and avoiding evil robots who shot laserbeams at you?Berzerk
What 1986 game put you on the pursuit of the leader of the Space Pirates, The Mother Brain?Metroid
In 1989's "Tecmo Bowl", how many plays did you have to choose from?4
In the game "Contra", what does the capsule with an R on it represent?Rapid
When "Zaxxon" debuted in 1982, what made it an original game?View from above at a tilt
What horror character does Simon NOT fight in the original "Castlevania"?Werewolf
Which NES peripheral was originally released in grey but was later colored a brighter orange?Light Zapper
How many dungeons are in "The Legend of Zelda"?18
How quickly must you beat the NES game "Metroid" to see Samus raise her hand in salute?Under ten hours
What 1986 game's mission was to defeat Count Dracula, and restore peace to Transylvania?Castlevania
Which of the following was an obstacle in 1982's "Zaxxon"?Energy Field
In what NES game did Master Higgins have to save Princess Leilani from the Evil Witch Doctor?Adventure Island
Which 1984 game featured battles against enemies called the Yllabian Space Guppies?Stargate

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