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Classic Rock Trivia QuestionAnswer
Eddie Van Halen was born in what world capital?Amsterdam
What band did Joe Perry form in 1979?The Joe Perry Project
In the Silhouettes song "Get a Job", after breakfast everyday, what is thrown my way?The want ads
In 1961 The Tokens released "The ____ Sleeps Tonight"Lion
It was on April 16, 1974, that this British band played their first American concert at Denver's Regis College. Who were they?Queen
In the Shangri-Las song "Remember (Walking In The Sand)", where did her baby go?Across the sea
Who originally performed the number one hit "Runaround Sue"?Dion
What band had hits with "No Sugar Tonight," "No Time" and "These Eyes"?The Guess Who
Of which of these bands was Eric Clapton NOT a member?The Band
The song "Rubber Ball" made what singer an international star?Bobby Vee
My 1935 birth certificate says my middle name is Aron, but my 1977 tombstone says it was Aaron. What is the rest of my name?Elvis Presley
When was John Lennon first inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?1988
Larry Williams is best known for what hit song from 1957?Bony Moronie
Adam Clayton is a long-serving member of which band?U2
Johnnie Johnson and which other pianist featured on the 1958 Chuck Berry album "One Dozen Berry's?Lafayette Leake
The Beach Boys released the albums "Today!", "Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)" and which other album in 1965?Beach Boys' Party
Who released the song "Cecilia" in 1970?Simon and Garfunkel
On March 10 the Rolling Stones made their first recordings, and Pearl Jame bassist Jeff Ament was born. What was the year?1963
What song was inspired by a fire started when a fan let loose a flare gun at a Frank Zappa concert?Smoke on the Water
What band released the albums "Agent Provocateur" and "Head Games"?Foreigner
Who was the singer of Jefferson Airplane?Grace Slick
What American doo-wop/R&B group did Ben E. King sing for?The Drifters
Mule Skinner Blues was originally recorded by Jimmie Rodgers in 1930. Who released it in 1960?The Fenderman
Who sang lead vocals for The Miracles until 1972?Smokey Robinson
Hank Ballard & the Midnighters recorded one of the first songs to be considered rock and roll . Name it.Work with Me, Annie
Aside from re-issues, only one beatles album is made up exclusively of songs written by Lennon and McCartney. Which one?A Hard Day's Night
What American Disc Jockey coined the term "rock and roll"?Alan Freed
Which of tehse songs appeared on the Pink Floyd album "Wish You Were Here"?Welcome To The Machine
In which month in 1965 was The Beatle's "Help!" album released in both the United Kindom and the United States?August
Who had the first major hit recording of the song "Twist and Shout"?Isley Brothers

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