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Classical Trivia QuestionAnswer
"The Clock" and "Surprise" are common names for symphonies by which composer?Haydn
"Muneira", "El canto del ruisenor", and "Capricho vasco" are less known violin pieces by which famous composer/violinist?Pablo de Sarasate
What was the first name of Webern, the composer born in Austria in 1883?Anton
In what year was Wagner born?1813
In what year was Mozart born?1756
What author took a stab at opera, writing the 1836 libretoo for Esmerelda, based on his own Hunchback of Notre Dame?Victor Hugo
Fidelio is one of the few serious operas in which nobody dies. Who wrote it?Beethoven
Where was soprano Joan Sutherland born?Sydney, Australia
Who are the "night visitors" in Gian Carlo Menotti's opera Amahl and the Night visitors?The Magi who visit Jesus
The "Gran duo" for violin and double bass is by which composer?Bottesini
Which chess-playing Russian composer died the same day as Stalin?Sergei Prokofiev
What is the interval between E and the next C above it?Minor sixth
Which name for a chord literally means "a harp"?Arpeggion
Which unusual "instruments" are used to perform John Cage's composition "Imaginary Landscape No. 4"?Radios
"The Ride of the Valkries" was composed by who?Wagner
Wagner's works are catalogued as WWV and Handel's as HWV. But whose are BWV?Bach
In Grieg's score for In the Hall of the Mountain King, Peer's tiptoeing corresponds to what instsrument?Bassoon
Beethoven composed the "Grosse Fuge" for which instrumentation?String quartet
Who founded the Ensemble InterContemporain in 1976, which specializes in contemporary classical music?Pierre Boulez
Which of these periods of classical music came latest?Romantic
A Clockwork Orange famously used the overture to what Gioacchino Rossini work, known for its snare drums?The Theiving Magpie
Larger-than-life Soviet cello legend Mstislav Rostropovich was born in which host city for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest?Baku, Azerbaijan
Straight out of Finland! Helsinki is home to which vocal a capella group?Rajaton
What is the interval between C and F# above it?Augmented fourth
What nationality is the composer John Adams?American
What planet did Johann Peter Salomon appraently name Mozart's Symphony #41 for?Jupiter
The key A major has how many sharps / flats?3 sharps

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