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Clothes Trivia QuestionAnswer
What hat, named for a city in Moroco, did Kemal Ataturk ban on August 25, 1925?Fez
Famously worn by Dortothy Lamour, a sarong would most likely be worn by which of these people, who also named it?Malays
Which shoes were worn by rockers in the 1950s?Brothel Creepers
What are chopines that were popular in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries?Shoes
Gieves & Hawkes enraged Londoners by making a fur coat out of what popular pet rodent?Hamster
what is the name of the unisex sheepskin boots said to have origins in both Australia and New Zealand?Ugg boots
Where would you wear snoods?Around your head
Where were heels added to shoe first in order to lift the foot away form the hot sand?Middle East
The fear of what items is known as vestiphobia?Clothing
What is the difference between two nominal clothing sizes?10-15 pounds
What fabric is the easiest to clean?cotton
What item of Japanese clothing should be wrapped left side over right and secured with a sash called an obi?Kimono
What is a trilby?A hat
What was popular in jackets in the 80's, made their way back and are now not used?Shoulders
What name is given to leggins that look like jeans?Jeggings
Where does cordovan leather usually come from?Horse rump
If I'm buying a suit and ask for an executive cut, what can you conclude about me?I'm pretty overweight
Where would you wear a cloche?Head
Which short flounced skirts were popular in the early 1980s?Rah-Rah skirt
Heels with a concave curve and an outward taper at the bottom have what royal name?Louis heel

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