College Football

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Brands Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which baseball team's logo looks like a baseball mitt but includes hidden letters?Milwaukee Brewers
What logo sports a striking similarity to a Pac Man face?LG
What do NFL stand for?National Football League
Which car company is represent by a trident?Maserati
What mythological animal makes up the logo for Mobil?Pegasus
What country manufactures the car brand Lexus?Japan
What liquor logo has a picture of a stag with a cross on it?Jagermeister
Joe is certainly cool, but what brand is he from?Camel Cigarettes
A red and white "T" within a circled star represents what oil retailer?Texaco
What country is responsible for the production of the Tata brand?India
What major brand used to go by the name " The Haloid Company"?Xerox
Adelma Mineral Water's slogan is what?Fresh Squeezed Glaciers
"Lucky and Goldstar Company Ltd." is know widely known as what brand of products?LG
What brand once called itself "DriveUrSelf"?Hertz
"Spuds McKenzie" was the mascot for which beer brand?Bud Light
What coffee is "Good to the Last Drop"?Maxwell House
What is a slogan for Quiznos?Mmmm... toasty
What country is responsible for manufacturing Volvos?Sweden
Crocodile can be found on what clothing line?Lacoste
The Aston martin brand originated in what country?United Kingdom
"A Diamond is Forever", is the phrase used by what brand?De Beers Consolidated
Which organisation's logo features barbed wire wrapped around a lit candle?Amnesty
"007" is the logo for what secret agent?James Bond
"Don't Leave Home Without It" is referring to what major credit card?American Express
Which airline uses a 3D ribbon as their logo?British Airways
What car company uses double R's as their log?Rolls Royce
What car company uses the slogan “Think Small”?Volkswagen
What cosmetic company says: “Because I’m worth it”?L’Oreal
Arby’s was named after who?Raffel Brother’s
What car manufacture tells you to “Never Follow”?Audi
What company logo is made up of three turning forks?Yamaha
What famous company founded NBC?RCA
Service Game Company is now known as what brand?Sega
Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web was once the name of what well known company?Yahoo
Which steak sauce "get's you here and gets you right here"?A.1. Steak Sauce
Who uses the slogan: “No bottles to break – just hearts”?Arpege
A big “W” represents what sporting goods company?Wilson
What fast food chain prides itself on “Have It Your Way”?Burger King

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