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Comedy Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which of these stars appears in the 2002 movie "The Rules of Attraction"?James Van Der Beek
Who plays the head butler Lionel Bloch in the 2002 film "Maid in Manhattan"?Bob Hoskins
Which of these stars does not appear in the 2011 movie "The Muppuets"?Tom Cruise
Who plays Mr. Harkin, Nicks horrible boss, in the 2011 movie "Horrible Bosses"?Kevin Spacey
Who stars as the softball player, Lisa, in the 2010 movie "How Does She Do It"?Reese Witherspoon
Which of these actors appeared in the film "Wet Hot American Summer"?David Hyde Pierce
Who directed the 2008 film "Run Fatboy Boy"?David Schwimmer
Who plays gynecologist Dr. T in the 2000 romantic comedy "Dr. T & The Women"?Richard Gere
Which of these actress plays the female lead in the 2010 film "The Switch"?Jennifer Aniston
Who plays the central character Jamie, a New York headhunter, in the 2011 movie "Friends With Benefits"?Mila Kunis
Who was "Alvin With" in the title of the 2007 film?The Chipmunks
Which 2010 high-school movie star Emma Stone as Olive who fibs about losing her virginity?Easy A
Who plays Willie T. Strokes in the 2003 comedy hit "Bad Santa"?Billy Bob Thornton
In the movie "17 Again" who stars as Mike, the central character when he goes back to being 17?Zac Efron
Who plays Veronica in the 2004 comedy movie "Anchorman"?Christina Applegate
Who is the voice of Horton in the 2008 animated feature "Dr. Seuss 'Horton Hears a Who!"?Jim Carrey
What is the name of imaginary superhero played by Ryan Reynolds in "Paper Man"?Captain Excellent
Anna Faris plays which character in the comedy film "Scary Movie"?Cindy
In "The Simpson's Movie", the city of Springfield is encased in a dome for what reason?Pollution
Which of these is a 2005 hit animated movie produced by Dreamworks?Madagascar
Ben and Jerry is not just an ice cream. It's also the Stillers, husband and son to what comedian?Anne Meara

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