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Comic Strips Trivia QuestionAnswer
What is the little lordly middle name of Donald Duck?Fauntleroy
What comic strip pet was owned by Phil and Dottie Winslow?Marmaduke
Garfield was a cat. Who was his friend Odie?A dog
His adopted son was Sweet Pea and he lived in Sweetwater, but he wasn't really all that sweet. Who?Popeye
Who created the comic strip "The Far Side"?Gary Larson
In Peanuts, what bird is Snoopy's friend?Woodstock
Owl was the brainy bird in Hundred Acre Wood. But who was the brainy lagomorph?Rabbit
What color are Dick Tracy's hat and coat?Yellow
In "Peanuts", what did Peppermint Patty call Charlie Brown?Chuck
In the Harvey comic, what kind of diaper-wearing baby was Baby Huey?Duckling
A president from the 1850s inspired what comic strip about a right-wing duck?Mallard Fillmore
In 2004, what Doonesbury character lost a leg while serving in Iraq?BD
What hamburger loving character named his sheepdog Hot Dog?Jughead
What Harvey Comics character gets stronger the more she eats?Little Lotta
Who is Donald Duck's professorial uncle from Vienna?Ludwig Von Drake
What comic strip animal donned sunglasses and a jacket to become the campus-dwelling Joe Cool?Snoopy
In Peanuts, what does Marcie call Peppermint Patty?Sir
Who is the threatening cute kitten in Garfield?Nermal
What is Garfield's owner's name?Jon
What military group was comic strip character "Dick Tracy" a member of during WWII?Navy Intelligence
As Dal Curtis, a psychiatrist named Nicholas Dallis created what medically themed comic strip in 1948?Rex Morgan MD
Crystal City, Texas, made spinach. Chester, Illinois, was home for Elzie Segar. Both towns erected statues of whom?Popeye
Who is the pirate captain in Overboard, Chip Dunham's comic strip?Henry Crow
In the original strips, instead of eating spinach, who instead rubbed himself with the lucky Whiffle Hen?Popeye
Of Calvin and Hobbes, which is the stuffed tiger?Hobbes
Beetle Bailey's sister first appeared in 1954. Today, she's a title character in a comic strip of her own. Who is she?Lois Flagston
What comic strip feature Andy Lippincott, a gay lawyer who died of AIDS in 1990?Doonesbury
In the Disney world, who is Max's father?Goofy

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