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Commercials Trivia QuestionAnswer
In 1999, Dick Wilson revived his "Mr Whipple" character in ads for which product?Charmin
OJ Simpson appeared in ads for Tree Sweet. Which makes sense. What was Tree Sweet?Orange Juice
In 1977, many people assumed that James Garner was married to his co-star in a series of ads for Polaroid. Who was she?Mariette Hartley
What company spent $400,000 on an ad that appeared only once in wide release, during the 1984 Super Bowl?Apple Computer
What's the name of the Hawaiian Punch Guy?Punchy
In 1 1989 commercial for what product did bluesman Bo Diddley say of Bo Jackson's guitar playing, "Bo, you don't know diddley"?Nike
Who created an 80s catch-phrase with advertising that urged you to "be all that you can be"?US Army
Rosie O'Donnell and Penny Marshall teamed up in ads for what retailer, which Rosie pushed out of the guns-and-ammo biz?Kmart
Terrible Terry Tate was the Office Linebacker in a series of ads for whom?Reebok
In 1989, a little pink bunny stormed into fake ads to sell what product?Energizer batteries
How did they get that Meow Mix cat to sing the theme song?It was choking
What former SNLer appeared as Mr No in ads for Capital One?Jon Lovitz
Max Page survived open-heart surgery in 2012. He was best known for playing what iconic TV commerical character?The VW Darth Vader kid
Borden's original Elsie was hit by a truck an dput down in 1941. What was Elsie?A cow
What corporate pair were played by David Joseph Rufkahr and Dick Maugg in TV commercials?Frank Bartles and Ed Jaymes
What placebo headache remedy was infamous for ads that repeatedly told you to "apply directly to forehead"?HeadOn
When Clara Peller appeared in ads for Prego Plus saying "I found it," she lost her gig in commercials for what brand?Wendy's
What mascot did a Japanese company called Sanrio adopt in the 1950s to help it sell silk and produce?Hello Kitty
What beer company used the increasingly annoying "Whazzzzzzzup!" in its ads?Budweiser
Who are Manny, Moe and Jack?The Pep Boys
The phrase "set it and forget it" was used for what Ronco product?Showtime Rotisserie

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