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Dallas Cowboys Trivia QuestionAnswer
What team was Monte Kiffin the Defensive Coordinator for over thirteen years?Tampa Bay Buccaneers
What Cowboy great is 25th all-time in most receptions in a single season?Michael Irvin
Who holds the Cowboys record for most games throwing over three hundred yards?Tony Romo
What 2013 Cowboys draft choice was voted by the Professional Football Writers as a College Football All-American?Travis Frederick
Who was second on the Cowboys in combined tackles and assists in the 2011 season?Gerald Sensabaugh
In 1959, Tom Landry was the defensive coordinator of the Giants, what legend was their offensive coordinator?Vince Lombardi
As of the end of 2012-13 season, how many years has Tony Romo played in the NFL?11
How many punts were blocked by opposing teams in the 2012 season?1
What future Hall of Famer played in the defensive backfield for the Cowboys in Super Bowl 30?Deion Sanders
Who did the Cowboys draft in the 6th round of the 2013 NFL draft?Devonte Holloman
Where does Tony Romo rank among active players in completed passes?9th
Where did Cowboy Cornerback Morris Claiborne go to college?LSU
Terrel Owens holds the record for most consecutive seasons of at least 500 yards receiving. What is that number?15
What was Ed Jone's nickname?Too Tall
Who did the Cowboys draft in the first round in the 2012 draft?Morris Claiborne
What coach replaced Tom Landry as Cowboy's coach?Jimmy Johnson
What Cowboy won the NFL Man of the Year Award in 1978?Roger Staubach
IN Game 5 of the 2007 Season, how many interceptions did Tony Romo throw against the Bills in a Monday Night Game?5
Where did 2009 Cowboy first round draft choice, Michael Jenkins, play in college?South Florida
What round in the draft did the Cowboys pick Jason Witten?3rd
What college did Will Allen go to?Ohio State
How many touchdowns did Kevin Ogletree have for the Cowboys in the opening day of the 2012 season against the Giants?2
What state was Brandon Carr born in?Michigan
What number does Miles Austin wear?19
What round did the Cowboys draft Gavin Escobar in the 2013 draft?2nd
What Cowboy is 5th in NFL history in touchdowns in one season?Emmitt Smith
In the famous 1994 Cowboys Thanksgiving Day Game, what team did they beat?Green Bay Packers
Where did Anthony Spencer go to college?Purdue

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