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Dallas Mavericks Trivia QuestionAnswer
What Hall of Fame played who played most of his career with the Denver Nuggets played for the Mavericks in 1990-91?Alex English
What Mav won the 2012 NBA Sportsmanship Award?Jason Kidd
What great college player is 8th in Mavs history in steals?Mark Aquirre
What was the first NBA team coached by Don Nelson?Milwaukee Bucks
In the 1995-96 season what Mavs player was banned from the NBA for life?Roy Tarpley
Who is 8th in Mavs history in points scored?Sam Perkins
What Presidential Candidate was the major owner of the Mavs in the late 1990's?Ross Perot
What former Mavs forward is 15th in NBA history in games played?Sam Perkins
Where did Mavs first round draft choice Jay Vincent go to college?Michigan State University
What college did Steve Nash go to?Santa Clara
Who was second on the 2012-13 Mavs in total rebounds?Elton Brand
In their 2010-11 championship season, who led the Mavs in blocks per game average?Tyson Chandler
What team did the Mavs first head coach, Dick Motta lead to the 1977-78 championship?Washington Bullets
Who is the Mavs all time leading scorer with over 2000 more points than the second place scorer?Dirk Nowitzki
What long time Mav is 6th in league history in games played?Jason Kidd
What current Mavs player was originally drafted 8th by the Charlotte Bobcats in 2007?Brandan Wright
What center has played the tenth most minutes in Mavs history?James Donaldson
What long time Mav is 19th in NBA history in assists?Derek Harper
Who did the Mavs play in the first round of their 2010-11 championship season?Portland Trailblazers
What was the name of the company created by Mark Cuban?Broadcast.com
Who has the 5th most free throws in playoff history for the Mavs?Mark Aquirre
What former first round draft choice is 3rd in Mavs histry in playoff games?Josh Howard
What long time Mav is 10th in NBA history in three pointers made in the playoffs?Michael Finley
In the 2004-05 Mavs, who was third on the team in assists per game average?Michael Finley
What year did Rick Carlisle take over as Mavs coach?2008-09
What famous basketball commentator did the Mav's pick in the 5th round of the 1986-87 draft?Jay Bilas
What center did the Mavs pick with their second pick in round 1 of the 1985-86 draft?Bill Wennington
Who was fifth in Mavs history in steals in the playoffs?Michael Finley

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