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Denver Broncos Trivia QuestionAnswer
Ronnie Hillman is third all-time in San Diego State in rushing. What Hall of Fame player is first?Marshall Faulk
Gary Kubiak completed 11 passes in the 1990 AFC Championship Game against which team?Buffalo Bills
What team did Champ Bailey play for before the Broncos?Washington Redskins
What quarterback did former Broncos receiver Brandon Stokley play with in college?Jake Delhomme
Elvis Dumervil set the college record for sacks in a game in 2005. How many did he have?6
Mike Shanahan's first year as head coach of the Broncos was 1995. What was his last year?2008
How many Pro Bowls has Champ Bailey been selected to play in?12
Who caught the 80-yard touchdown pass from John Elway in Super Bowl 33?Rod Smith
Who was second on the Broncos in receptions in the 2011 season?Demaryius Thomas
What Broncos player has the most touchdowns in a season by a Broncos receiver?Anthony Miller
What team did John Fox coach before the Denver Broncos?Carolina Panthers
What Bronco was tied with Arian Foster for most one hundred yard games in the 2011 season?Willis McGahee
What is Broncos Punter Britton Colquitt's uniform number?4
What position does Jacob Tamme play?Tight End
Who is second in Broncos history in passing completions in a season?Jay Cutler
What position does Shaun Philips play for the Broncos?Linebacker
What is the longest streak of road victories in franchise history?7
What year was Floyd Little inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame?2010
How many yards did Jay Cutler pass when he set a single season Bronco record in 2008?4526 yards
What is the name of Peyton Mannnig's younger brother who plays in the NFL?Eli
Going into Super Bowl 32 against the Green Bay Packers, the Denver Broncos were underdogs by how many points?13.5
Who led the Broncos in rushing yards in the 2012 season?Willis McGahee
Who led the Broncos in tackles in the 2011 season?DJ Williams
What score did the Broncos beat the Packers by in Super Bowl 32?31-24
With the 15th Pick in the 1996 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos selected which player?John Mobley
How many yards did Mike Anderson rush for when he set a single game record for a rookie against New Orleans?251 yards
Which local Denver reporter famously defaced Joe Flacco banners that were placed around the city?Vic Lombardi
Who is third in Broncos history in passing attempts in a season?Peyton Manning

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