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Desperate Housewives Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which actress plays the role of character Mary Alice Young?Brenda Strong
What is the name of Susan's daughter?Julie
Who does Gabrielle discover is having an affair with Carlos in season 2?Xiao Mei
What is the name of Carlo's aunt?Connie
Whose mother married Alejandro Perez on "Desperate Housewives"?Gaby's Mother
In season 3 who is Gabrielle trapped in an elevator with during the power outage?Victor
What is the name of the youngest child of Tom and Lynette Scavo?Paige
Which actress plays the role of Edie Britt?Nicolette Sheridan
What is the name of Gabrielle and Carlo's real daughter who they are first introduced to in season 7 of the show?Grace
Who does Andrew get to punch him in the face in order to pretend that it was Bree who punched him whilst she was drunk?Justin
In the season 6 finale what do we see a nurse confess to a priest before she dies?She switched a baby at birth
What is the name of Bree's season 2 AA sponsor?Peter
Who kisses Carlos in front of Gabrielle in order to make a point in the season 2 episode "One More Kiss"?Lynette
Who is Tom dating during season 8 of the Desperate Housewives TV series?Jane
Which season 2 episode featured the appearance of Maxine Bennett on Wisteria Lane?Silly People
In the pilot episode, we see Wisteria Lane for the first time, what vehicle is seen driving out of the street?School Bus
Who accidentally started a fire at Edie's house in the pilot episode?Susan
What does Susan give Mike as a house warming present in the pilot episode?Plant
Who delivers Lynette's baby in season 6?Eddie
Who is revealed to be the father of Julie's baby in season 8?Porter
What is the name of Lynette's sister?Lucy

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