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Dexter Trivia QuestionAnswer
Detective Mike Anderson is murdered by a member of what?Ukrainian Mafia
In which season was Lumen Pierce taken under Dexter's wing?Season 5
Which actress plays the role Nadia?Katia Winter
What was found in the stomach of an alligator?A human arm
In the sixth season, which character survives an attack by the fake Trinity Killer?Jonah
In what martial art is Dexter highly skilled?Jujitsu
What is the name of the Irish nanny Dexter hires for Harrison in season 5?Sonja
Who kidnaps Dexter and takes him to his bachelor party?Masuka
In season 4, who is Miami Tribune reporter Christine Hill eventually revealed to be?Trinity's Daughter
In which season of Dexter does intern Louis Greene make his first appearance?Season 6
In season one the Ice Truck killer leaves childhood photo's of whom at the crime scenes?Dexter
In the fifth season, Dexter's apartment is bugged by which character?Quinn
When Ryan Chambers steals the prosthetic arm from the Ice Truck killings which online auction does she list it on?
In the sixth season, Dexter plays golf with which character from Oregon?Kenney
In the season 1 episode "Let's Give the boy a Hand" a male hand is found In what location?Beach
Following Hannah's cooperation with the Police what sentence was Wayne Randall given?2 life sentences
What tool was used by Dexter to finish off the Trinity Killer?Hammer
What is the name of the actress who plays the role of Jamie Batista?Aimee Garcia
In the fifth season, Dexter beats up the father of which character's friend?Astor
Who takes LaGuerta's place as lieutenant when she is promoted to Captain?Debra Morgan
In which episode does Miguel Prado first feature?Our Father

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