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Dinosaurs Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which of these relate to the Velociraptor?Sickle-clawed
Hadrosaurs were named from the Greek, what does it mean?Bulky lizards
Where was Xuwulong first discovered?China
What was a dinosaur?Hexing
Of what is this a fossil?Pterodactylus
What two words does Pterodactylus mean?Wing & Finger
What is the estimated weight of the object that caused the extinction of dinosaurs?One quadrillion metric tons
During what period did dinosaurs become extinct?Cretaceous
The megalodon was the world's largest ever predator. What was it?Giant Shark
Fill in the blank in this statement: "… are thus considered to be dinosaurs and dinosaurs are, therefore, not extinct".Birds
Which of these words best describes what this would have been?Carnivorous
Bagaceratops name comes from Mongolian and Greek, where were the first remains found?Gobi Desert
What evolved first?Fish
How long did dinosaurs rule the Earth?Over 150 million years
A T-rex named Sue helped prove that dinosaurs were linked genetically to birds, since both Sue and Tweety have what feature?Wishbone
What were two-legged meat-eaters?Theropods
Baryonyx is one of the few piscivorous dinosaurs, what did it eat?Fish
What does the name of the dinosaur Chirostenotes mean?Narrow hand
What does the name Nanosaurus mean?Dwarf Lizard
Which of these would have been caused by the asteroid impact which probably led to the extinction of the dinosaurs?All of these
What relates to Ceratopsians?Leopard-like
How many fingers were on each of the forelimbs of an Allosaurus?Three
This is Montanoceratops which was named after where it was first found, where was that?Montana
What is the largest dinosaur known to have existed?Brachiosaurus
What does the name of the dinosaur Falcarius mean?Sickle bearer
What were not feathered dinosaurs?Brachypodosaurus
Where, if anywhere, did the Microraptor have wings?Arms and legs
What refers to how a dinosaur walked?Digitigrade
What were two-legged plant-eaters?Ornithopods
What is largest?Blue whale
The name Struthiomimus means the mimic of the …what?Ostrich
What were not feathered dinosaurs?Stegosaurs
Edmontosaurus was discovered in what Canadian province in 1917?Alberta
How many dinosaur fossiles were found on the lunar surface by the Apollo astronauts?None

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