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Thomas O'Malley is the name of a character in what Disney film?The Aristocats
In what year did Walt Disney win his first Academy Award?1932
Which Disney film is loosely based on the Arabian folktale "One Thousand and One Nights"?Aladdin
"The Circle of Life" is a song that features in which Disney film?The Lion King
Which Disney film is based on a work by Rudyard Kipling?The Jungle Book
What is the correct title of the 2013 sequel to "Monsters Inc"?Monsters University
What is the name of the masculine hunter who seeks Belle's affections in "Beauty and the Beast"?Gaston
Which famous actor voiced John Smith in the 1995 version of "Pocahontas"?Mel Gibson
Jock, Boris and Aunt Sarah are characters from which Disney movie?Lady and the Tramp
What was the name of Walt Disney's brother who co-founded the company?Roy
"Kronks New Groove" was a 2005 straight-to-video sequel to what Disney film?The Emperor's New Groove
What animals are members of the "Rescue Aid Society" in "The Rescuers"?Mice
What was the last name of Michael, John and Wendy in "Peter Pan"?Darling
What was the original name of Mickey Mouse?Mortimer
In October 1941, which classic Disney film was released?Dumbo
What is the name of Marlin's wife in "Finding Nemo"?Coral
Pacha, voiced by John Goodman, appears in which Disney film?The Emperor's New Groove
Walt Disney passed away during the production of which film?The Jungle Book
What character was Mickey Mouse's predecessor?Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
In which Disney movie is there a fish called Flounder?The Little Mermaid
In what year did Disney release the film "Pocahontas"?1995
What is the title of the 1956 live-action film involving an event with a steam engine during the Civil War?The Great Locomotive Chase
In the film "Alice in the Wonderland", Alice and the Queen of Hearts play croquet with flamingos and what?Hedgehogs
In "Mulan", a young girl named Mulan disguises herself as a man and joins the Emperor's army to fight the marauding...?Huns
Mickey Rooney provided the voice of which character in "The Fox and the Hound"?Tod
What is the name of the 2007 hybrid film starring Amy Adams as Giselle and Julie Andres as narrator?Enchanted
In 2013 Disney introduced its 12th princess, Anna. With which film?Frozen
IN what year was "The Great Mouse Detective" released in theaters?1986
How many fairies were there in the film "Snow White"?0


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