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Dogs Trivia QuestionAnswer
What is the lifespan of the Irish Wolfhound?6-8 years
What breed was the leading dog in the "Beethoven" family comedy film series?St. Bernard
Who was the first dog movie star in the United States?Rin Tin Tin
The Beauceron is a herding dog from which country?France
What breed of dog is this?Brittany Spaniel
What breed of dog is this?Bull Terrier
John F. Kennedy owned what kind of dog named Dunker?Daschund
What breed of dog is known for its blue tongue?Chow Chow
Also known as Amstaff, which medium-sized, short-coated American dog breed is pictured here?Staffordshire
What breed of dog is this?Dutch Shepherd
"Rags" The WWI terrier was famous for warning soldiers about what?Mortar fire
President Obama's dog was primarily chosen for being what?Hypoallergenic
"Who Let The Dogs Out" was a 2000 hit for who?The Baha Men
Hachiko was a famous dog in Japanese history due to his loyalty in returning to meet his (dead) master. What breed was he?Akito
Despite some bad press, by the mid 1990's, this dog was the most registered dog by the American Kennel Club?Rottweiler
Where were the first seeing eye dogs trained?Germany
What human organ do dogs not have?An appendix
The Pomeranian is which type of dog according to the Kennel Club?Spitz
Greyhounds can reach speeds of how many miles per hour?45
What is Dilbert's dogs name?Dogbert
Known in France, particularly the south, as early as the fourteenth century, what are these dogs called?Dogue de Bordeaux
Native to Israel, one dog of this breed was purchased by JFK Jr. in 1990's?Canaan
The Old English sheepdog is often referred to as what?Dulux dog

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