Drama (TV)

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Drama TV Trivia QuestionAnswer
Who was not a regular cast member in Sex and the City?Kirsten Scott Thomas
Which state was The OC set in?California
Who created Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal?Shonda Rhimes
Who wrote the books on which Dexter is based?Jeff Lindsay
Who played Sam Seaborn in The West Wing?Rob Lowe
Who played the title role in The Ghost Whisperer?Jennifer Love Hewitt
Who plays the President of the USA in Scandal?Tony Goldwyn
In which century does Star Trek: Enterprise take place?22nd
Which prison was the setting for season one of Prison Break?Fox River
Kyra Sedgwick played the title role on what TNT drama series?The Closer
Who played the title role in Veronica Mars?Kristen Bell
Which show followed a group of lesbian friends in LA?The L Word
Which legal drama let the viewers see what really happened after the verdict was given?Justice
In Burn Notice, which organization 'burned' Michael?CIA
Dr. Cristina Yang, Dr. Preston Burke, and Dr. Derek Shepherd are all characters on what medical series?Grey's Anatomy
What subject did Walter White teach in Breaking Bad?Chemistry
Who was a regular cast member on Lost and Party of Five?Matthew Fox
How long was Brody held captive in Homeland?Eight Years
Which Star Trek crew member did not appear in the first season?Chekov
Who was a regular cast member on Elementary and Ally McBeal?Lucy Liu
Which organization does Patrick Jane work with in The Mentalist?CBI
What was the flight number of the crashed plane in Lost?Oceanic 815
Which organization did Agent Cooper work for in Twin Peaks?FBI
Who played Sherlock in Elementary?Jonny Lee Miller
On Lost, what was the doomed flight that stranded the survivors on the island?Oceanic Flight 815
Eliza Dushku has appeared regularly on 3 supernatural action series. Which of these was NOT one of them?Charmed
We all know David Schwimmer as Ross Gellar on Friends. But his first role was playing Karen Arnold's boyfriend on what drama?The Wonder Years
What was Annabeth Chase's occupation in Close to Home?Attorney

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