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Drink Trivia QuestionAnswer
When dry, this goes into a Martini. When sweet, it goes into a Manhattan. What is it?Vermouth
As the name suggests, what fruit is fermented to make framboise beer?Raspberry
What do you call a Bloody Mary without the vodka?Virgin Mary
"Zymurgy" and "zymology" are names for what science, beloved of beer-drinkers everywhere?Fermentation
It's bartending math! Solve for x. (Bloody Mary-vodka) + tequila = xBloody Maria
Generally, the Franc variety of what grape is less full-bodied than the Sauvignon variety?Cabernet
"Windex Martini" is made with vodka, triple sec and what other booze?Blue Curacao
Also known as carrageen, what seaweed is often used as a clarifying agent in beer?Irish Moss
What is the alcoholic ingredient in a Tom Collins?Gin
What distilled wine is typically served in a snifer and is an ingredient in a B&B or a sidecar?Brandy
Tequila is derived from which plant?Agave
Which ingredient is NOT normally found in a martini?Vodka
Which red wine is drunk when young and is called "nouveau"?Beaujolais
The name of what capital of Oman is also the name of family of grapes used for wine, raisins and table grapes?Muscat
A "pussyfoot", made with grenadine and various fruit juices, was renamed fro what Hollywood star?Shirley Temple
Apparently first distilled by the Dutch as a diuretic, what potent potable is flavored with juniper berries?Gin

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