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Economics Trivia QuestionAnswer
Name the former President of the Canadian Economics Association from 2004-2005?Barbara J Spencer
What is not used while constructing a Retail Price Index?Exchange rates
Which country is planning on building 12 more nuclear reactors in addition to its already working 53?Japan
Who was a Nobel Prize winner and a key figure in the Chicago School of Economics along with Milton Friedman?George Stigler
What is the unit of currency in Costa Rica?The Colon
Paul Samuelson, Robert Solow and Vernon L. Smith, all Nobel Prize winners are Students of this Nobel Prize winner. Who is he?Wassily Leontief
Name the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York?William C Dudley
Name the economist who founded and served as President of the Club For Growth from 1999-2004?Stephen Moore
The economy of India is predicted to become bigger than which country by year 2050?United States of America
What was the GDP of United States in 2012?$16.62 trillion
According to WTO which year showed "the lowest growth in output in more than two decades"?2001
A Sawbuck is slang for which dollar bill?10 dollar bill
What term refers to when people think that they are getting richer in inflation when in reality the value of money is decreasing?Money Illusion
Who developed the Permanent Income Hypothesis?Milton Friedman
Name the company that completed its acquisition of NBC Universal this year?Comcast
What kind of a demand curve does a perfectly-competitive firm face?Horizontal
Which university is said to be the best in economics in the world?Harvard
This man served as the Chief Economist for the U.S. Department of Labor during the Clinton Administration?Harry J Holzer
Name the American economist who wrote Catels in Action 1946?George W Stocking Sr
What is the opportunity cost of producing one more unit called?Marginal cost
Name the author of "Price Quantity Strategic Market Games"?Pradepp Dubey

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