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Electronic Trivia QuestionAnswer
Can you guess what electronic DJ recorded "Blow Ya Mind"?DJ Icey
Who had a hit album with "18 months" in 2012?Calvin Harris
What 'A' was a U.K. Top Five single for Swedish House Mafia in 2012?Antidote
What artist recorded "Got the Groove"?Sm-Traxx
Love life and which other song were released by the Pet Shop Boys in 2010?Together
Which of these EP albums were available through a USB memory stick from Hadouken?Not Here to Please You
Can you name the artist who performs the song "Flawless"?The Ones
What snaked features in the name of the group who had a hit in 2011 with "You Make Me Feel"?Cobra
Who recorded the song "Baby Talk"?Alisha
In 2010, Owl City released what non-album single?Peppermint Winter
Who recorded the song "Killer"?Adamski
The release of the 2004 single "Girls" was the first single that the Prodigy had released for how many years?7
What artist recorded "House Music"?Eddie Amador
Which of these Dutch DJs performs the song called "The Launch"?DJ Jean
The Bird and the Worm is a song featuring on which Owl City album?Ocean Eyes
Can you guess who recorded the song "Can You Party"?Royal House
Can you guess the techno artist that recorded "Let's Get Brutal"?Nitro Deluxe
Can you name the artist who performs the song "The Real Life"?Corporation of One
In 2006, what was the latest song from The Pet Shop Boys to reach a top 10 position in the UK singles chart?I'm With Stupid
Who recorded the song "The Mexican"?Jellybean
On which record label did both Depeche Mode and Yazoo record?Mute
What does Depeche Mode's name mean in French?Hurry fashion
Who recorded the song "In De Ghetto"?David Morales & The Badyard Club
Christina Aguilera and which other female artist released the song "Car Wash" for the movie "Shark Tale"?Missy Elliot
In what song does the group 3Oh! 3 sing this line: "I got the breath of the last cigarette on my teeth"?Don't Trust Me
The first single released from The Pet Shop Boys album "Release" in 2002 was what?Home and Dry
Can you name the German techno music group that recorded the song "Set Me Free (Empty Rooms)"?Jam & Spoon
What instrumentalist recorded the tune called "Atlantica"?Ryan Farish

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