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Elton John Trivia QuestionAnswer
Which 1985 Elton John album included the hit single "Nikita"?Ice on Fire
Which 1985 Elton John single was a top 10 hit in the UK and the US?Nikita
What year did Elton John have the hit single "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds"?1975
What musical is Elton John's "Grandma's Song" from?Billy Elliot
Which Beach Boy featured on vocal harmonies on Elton John's 2010 album "The Union"?Brian Wilson
Who is the engineer who Elton John married in 1984?Renate Blauel
"My bills and demands I keep too" is from which Elton John song?Elderberry Wine
Elton John's no.1 hit single "Sacrifice" came from which 1989 album?Sleeping with the Past
What decade is the hit single "Empty Garden" by Elton John from?Eighties
Which Elton John song title has been used as the name of an unofficial fan site for him?Dark Diamond
Elton John had which of these hit singles in 1988?Candle in the Wind
From 2001, Elton John promoted which company's new line of lipstick?M.A.C. Cosmetics
The US top 10 hit "I Don't Wanna Go" on with "You Like That" is from which Elton John album?Reg Strikes Back
The Elton John song "Love is a Cannibal" featured on the soundtrack of which 1989 movie?Ghostbusters II
What honour did Elton John receive in 1998?British Knighthood
What is the title of the David Furnish produced documentary on Elton John?Tantrums & Tiaras
The first episode of TV's "Spectacle" opened with Elvis Costello performing which Elton John song?Border Song
Which 80's classic LP by Elton John had the smashes, "I'm Still Standing" and "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues"?Too Low For Zero
Which book authored by Elton John is subtitled "On life, loss and the end of AIDS"?Love is the Cure
What decade is the hit single "The One" by Elton John from?Nineties

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