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What company was founded by ex-Microsoft execs Rich Barton and Lloyd Frank?Zillow
Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker founded what successful chain in 1971?Starbucks
What was Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's nickname?The Woz
Justfab, an online retailer that offers personalized shopping experiences based on member's tastes was founded by which pair?Don Ressler/Adam Goldenberg
Harli Jordean, the youngest CEO in the world founded which of the following companies?Marble King
David Hoffman, Alex White, and Samir Rayani created this software, which enables musicians to track fans online.NextBigSound
What social media platform was founded by high-school dropout David Karp?Tumblr
Who was named the richest African American of the 20th century?Oprah Winfrey
Aaron Patzer created which online financial service?Mint
This entrepreneur and founder of Blank Label makes custom clothes online.Fan Bi
What website did Tim O'Shaughnessy and Eddie Frederick create to help users find deals on products?LivingSocial
Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft, is the owner of what NFL team?Seattle Seahawks
John Favreau, director of the "Iron Man" movies, used what entrepreneur as inspiration for the character Tony StarkElon Musk
What year did Bill Gates graduate form Harvard?He didn't
Which internet entrepreneur is red-green color blind?Mark Zuckerberg
Wiggle Wraps were first handmade by this pair before they founded Leachcho.Clyde and Jamie Leach
CheckOutStore, a company specializing in jewel caes and other storage media, was founded by which pair?Kevin Fend and Ken Mark
Richard Branson was 16 when he stared his first magazine. What was it called?Student
Sarah Prevette, founder of the social network Sprouter, is based in which North American city?Toronto
Bizchair.com, founded by Sean Belnick when he was just 14, specialized in what?Furniture
What Facebook co-founder went on to develop Asana?Dustin Moskovitz
Who founded the online encyclopedia Wikipedia?Jimmy Wales
What review site did Jeremy Stoppelman and Russell Simmons create in 2004?Yelp
What is the ticker symbol for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia?MSO
Omar Hamoui sold what ad network to Google in 2009?Admob
Modcloth, founded in 2002, was founded by what pair?Eric and Susan Koger
What Channel was not created by Robert Edward “Ted” Turner III?ESPN


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  1. entrepreneurs

    Modcloth, founded in 2002, was founded by what pair?
    Answer: Eric and Susan Koger

    What Channel was not created by Robert Edward “Ted” Turner III?
    Answer: ESPN

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