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Europe Geogrpahy Trivia QuestionAnswer
On which of these UK talent shows was Newcastle-upon-Tyne singer Cheryl Cole a judge?The X Factor
On which river does Milan stand?Olono
Which two bodies of water are connected by the Kiel Canal?The Baltic & the North Sea
With a capacity for 220,000 spectators, in which capital city is Strahov, the largest stadium in the world?Prague
Walloons are natives of which country?Belgium
Piraeus serves as the port of which European city?Athens
In which famous building did Catherine the Great keep her private art collection?The Eremitage
A Neopolitan is a native of which city?Naples
This amphitheatre is part of a collection of Roman monuments in which French city?Arles
Lake Peipus is a large fresh water lake that lies on the border between Russia and which Baltic country?Estonia
In which English city could you take a "Ferry across the Mersey"?Liverpool
Which European city capital has the nickname "The Athens of the North"?Edinburgh
In terms of population, which is the largest country in the European Union?Germany
Which country is separated from Italy by the Strait of Otranto?Albania
Which is Turkey's third most populous city and the country's largest port on teh Aegean Sea?Izmir
A National Landmark, the Modern Tower in Newcastle-upon-Tyne is associated with staging what?Poetry Readings
Which French city on the River Lez is home to the Musee Fabre and the 14th century cathedral of Saint-Pierre?Montpellier
This palace is the private residence of the royal family of which country?Sweden

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