European Countries

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European Countries Trivia QuestionAnswer
Alexanger Lukashenko became president of this country in 1994 and its currency is the ruble. Can you name it?Belarus
In this country you'll find the Arcul de Triumf- built in 1935 and based on Paris' Arc de Triomphe.Bucharest
Name the capital of Germany?Berlin
A European Capital of Culture in 2014 and home to Andris Biedrins of basketball team Utah Jazz, which capital?Riga
This country shares borders with Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey and was the birthplace of the Olympics. Can you name it?Greece
Which capital city? While there, you can take the funicular railway and see the views from Gediminas Castle.Vilnius
This country declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1990 and uses the Dram as its currency. Can you name it?Armenia
Name the capital of Croatia.Zagreb
A landlocked country, located in teh Alps, which country is this?Austria

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